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Hospice Niagara brings End of Life discussion to Brock

Brock’s Health Management department in Human Resources is hosting a presentation from Hospice Niagara about death, dying and end of life care.Hospice Niagara says 83 per cent of Canadians feel it is either extremely or very important to have a discussion with family about end-of-life care, but that only 34 per cent have actually had those discussions.Brock faculty, staff and students are invited to the presentation Thursday, Oct. 20 from noon to 1 p.m. in Plaza 408 where volunteer speakers from the Hospice Niagara Speakers Bureau will present a fun, engaging and interactive presentation that will de-bunk myths about death and dying. They will also explain the philosophy of hospice palliative care and how Hospice Niagara focuses on improving the lives of people living with long-term illnesses, death, dying, grief and loss.Those wishing to attend are asked to register on Focus on Learning. Limited spaces are available. read more