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THW Kiel to the final of EHF VELUX F4

← Previous Story Farewell flowers bouquet for Manuel Strlek in Zagreb Next Story → Atletico Madrid – THW Kiel in the Final of the VELUX EHF F4!!! EHFFuchse BerlinTHW Kielvelux champions league In the all-German clash between Fuchse Berlin and THW Kiel in the first semifinal of the EHF VELUX F4, the new German champion THW Kiel is the lucky one that we will see tomorrow in the final, after a thrilling game which saw scoring their victory in the last minute of the game, winning it 25-24.THW Kiel took the 2-goal lead and later 4-2, with Zeitz counter-attack making 5-2 in the 8th minute. Four minutes later, thanks to Filip Jicha, THW make it 7-3. Despite Heinevetter saving a penalty, the Berlin side attacks find it very hard to break THW’s defence, and with 8-3 in the 14th minute for THW, Sigurdsson calls a timeout. The timeout partly pays-off, Fuchse starts scoring, but so do THW, and in the 20th minute it’s 11-5 for THW. The last 10 minutes of the first half see much better “Foxes” display, with Petersson, Jaszka and Romero all working, the half time lead for THW being down to 3 goals, 15-12. Top half-time scorer for THW is Jicha with 5 goals, while Fuchse Berlin is led by Jaszka, scoring 5 goals as well.The goalkeepers start the second half saving three shots each, with Fuchse Berlin breaking the ice in the 35th minute through Jaszka, and then Romero counter-attacks and it’s only 15-14 for THW Kiel. Ahlm makes it immediately back to +2, 16-14. A goal-for-goal match is played until Ilic makes it 19-16. Another period of even play follows, and in the 46th minute it’s 20-18 for THW. A 2-goal THW run prompts Sigurdsson to ask for the first timeout in the second half. After the timeout Fuchse Berlin responds with a 2-0 run, and it’s 22-20 for THW. Christophersen makes it 23-22, and Laen brings the first draw in the game, 23-23. In the 57th minute Jicha scores for 24-23 through a penalty, but Petersson shots back and its 24-24. Jicha again, and now 25-24 with Fuchse missing their next attack with only minute and half to go. Fortunately for them, THW Kiel shot goes off the post and Fuchse have the final attack with 30 seconds to go. The Foxes fail to score, and the first finalist of the EHF VELUX F4 is known, it is the team of THW Kiel. read more