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New low maintenance HIMINOSA gas generator

first_imgHIMOINSA has presented the new HGY-25 gas generator which only requires two services in its whole service life. Its design, featuring unique parts and incorporating a Yanmar engine with patented technology, means it can work continuously 24/7 for 14 months, making it the “perfect model” for remote locations such as early stage minesites.HIMOINSA has developed a new gas-powered generator set with maintenance periods that stretch for up to 10,000 hours, or 14 months of continuous work. The generator’s estimated service life of 30,000 hours until overhaul is much longer than the average life of equipment of the same size. This means that it only requires two services throughout its entire working life.The new HGY-25, available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz, is powered by natural gas, delivering 28 kVA of continuous operation power. Its maintenance intervals, up to 40 times longer than a gas generator set of the same size, make it a suitable model for isolated and difficult-to-reach areas that require a continuous supply of clean power, such as remote mining operations.The generator has a Yanmar engine that incorporates patented, cutting-edge technology to extend the working life of the spark plugs to up to 10,000 hours. Likewise, to guarantee the maintenance intervals, HIMOINSA’s Engineering team optimised the design of the generator set, eliminating moving parts,  enlarging  the filters and increasing oil and coolant storage capacity.The long running time of the new HGY-25 gas generator set is especially attractive for mining. Mines are usually in remote locations, making regular maintenance every 250-500 hours difficult. The option to extend maintenance intervals to over one year of continuous work is a significant added value for companies in the industry, as it dramatically cuts the OPEX of their equipment.last_img read more