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Real Madrid Outraged at Barcelona Footballer Gerard Pique

By Safaa KasraouiRabat – Barcelona (FC) Defender, Gerard Pique, has taken everyone by surprise by criticizing Real Madrid’s values following the France Vs Spain friendly match, which took place Tuesday at France Stadium, in France.The 30-year-old player explained his opinion by mentioning that people were talking about the arbitrary mistakes made during FCB vs Paris Saint Germain final round of c1 match, which ended with a 6-1 victory in favor of FCB on March 8. “Everybody talks about the mistakes of the match, but when Real Madrid had won the champions league last season on a clearly offside goal, nobody talked,” said Pique.He added, “I don’t have a personal problem with Real Madrid players, but i would never work for Real Madrid, because I don’t like Real Madrid values,” he added.The statement of the FCB player did not go unnoticed on the side of RMD players. For his part, Real Madrid defender, José Igancio Fernandez Iglesias, commonly known as Nacho, said that “Real Madrid is used to such allegations, we focus on our case, some people share their opinion and others do not, but I am proud the values I have acquired since I have joined the club.”According to a media report by Goal platform, Real Madrid defender, Sergio Ramos, has also expressed his thoughts concerning Pique’s allegation, saying that he was not surprised by it. He added that he would be surprised if this comment had been uttered by Lionel Messi.He continued, saying that Pique’s comments will change nothing in Real Madrid. One can appreciate him as great player, Ramos explained, but that doesn’t mean that his club would really be disturbed because of to Pique’s statement. read more