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Parking lot driving lanes to be reduced for pedestrian safety

Several driving lanes through Brock parking lots will close this week to improve pedestrians’ safe use of crosswalks.Beginning Friday, May 18, three north-to-south driving lanes affecting Zone 1, Lot A Reserved and Lot E2 parking lots will be permanently blocked. (See diagram below.)The improvement will reduce the amount of pedestrian crossings drivers have to navigate at the busy crosswalk that leads from main campus to East Academic.“Less driving lanes near the crosswalk means less opportunity for cars to interact with pedestrians,” said John Dick, Grounds Manager for Facilities Management.The driving lane leading from the north entrance of Zone 1 off of University Road East (near the Suzanne Rochon-Burnett Circle) will still be available, as well as the lane furthest to the east, parallel to Glenridge Avenue. read more