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Photos of the Day King Mohammed VI in Parisian Boutiques

Rabat- King Mohammed VI continues to pop up in photos around Paris. The sovereign was newly photographed with fans in two Parisian boutiques.Among the many recent photos showing King Mohammed VI’s good health during his stay in the French capital, Mehdi Benkirane shared four new photos on his official Facebook page on Thursday and Friday. The three photos show Mohammed VI posing with three men in a space that seems like a store selling hair products, while the fourth photo features the King side-by-side with a man in a clothes shop. Throughout the previous weeks, the king was photographed with several local and international fans in various locations: Rabbi Israël Goldberg, French singer Maître Gims, an optician, a woman in a Parisian garden, and passers-by in a Parisian pharmacy and a jeans shop earlier this week.Thanks to the daily photographs, Moroccan nationals and fans of the sovereign can rest assured knowing that the King’s heart surgery recovery is progressing smoothly. read more