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‘South Africa has investment opportunities across the economic spectrum’ SASOL CEO

first_imgTsabeng Nthite – Sasol Limited Chief Executive Officer and Joint President Mr Bongani Nqwababa, joins the list of multinational CEOs who provide testimonials on Brand South Africa’s CEOs Know campaign – why their corporates continue to invest in South Africa – while highlighting South Africa’s competitive strengths as an attractive foreign investment destination.In his interview, Nqwababa said that he is inspired by how resilient of South Africans are as well as their ability to overcome adversity. The country is a great investment destination because it not only has opportunities in the resources, but also has opportunities across the economic spectrum.Sasol is an international integrated chemicals and energy company that leverages technologies and the expertise of our 30 300 people working in 33 countries. The multinational develops and commercialises technologies, and builds and operates world-scale facilities to produce a range of high-value product stream, including liquid fuels, chemicals and low-carbon electricity.Sasol was established in 1950 in South Africa and we remain one of the country’s largest investors in capital projects, skills development and technological research and development.  The company is listed on the JSE in South Africa and on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States.“As the most industrialised country in Southern Africa, South Africa offers opportunities for companies to grow domestically and also for them to expand into the African continent. From an FDI perspective, South Africa is a wonderful place to invest in for a variety of reasons – our legal system is developed, our courts and judiciary are independent, we have sound financial systems, and well-developed local capital markets,” said Nqwababa.Brand South Africa – in collaboration with Business Leadership South Africa launched the CEOs Know campaign to position South Africa as in ideal investment destination. The CEOs Know Campaign features various CEO’s from multinational corporations based in South Africa, who share insights behind their continued investment into South Africa.last_img read more

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Raw milk wrongful death case filed

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Richard Friedman, age 73, of Putney, Vt. purchased raw milk cheese manufactured by Vulto Creamery of Walton, N.Y. last October. On Nov. 2, he died after suffering a massive stroke caused by the Listeriosis infection. The cheese was contaminated with Listeria.Six people from four states, (Connecticut, Florida, New York and Vermont) have been sickened by the tainted cheese. Another person, in addition to Friedman, has died.Last month, Friedman’s widow filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Vulto Creamery in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York. The lawsuit alleges that Vulto Creamery is at fault for producing a product that was “defective and unreasonably dangerous” and for not properly training or supervising its employees.The lawyer for Friedman’s widow pointed out that, “People think of food poisoning as inconvenient rather than really dangerous. The reality is that what you eat can seriously damage or even kill you. Food providers have a responsibility to protect the lives of their customers, especially when producing raw milk products, which pose a higher risk to consumers.”Food in this country is safe, compared to that of other nations, particularly the third world. We do not have citizens dying in the streets from bad food. That does not mean a consumer should throw caution to the wind.Raw milk is trendy now, and provided all laws are followed, it can be consumed. Just because it is legal, however, does not necessarily make it a sound choice for everyone, particularly the elderly, newborns, pregnant women, or anyone with a weakened immune system.Listeriosis is caused by eating food contaminated with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. Pasteurization kills this bacteria, so pasteurized cheese is a safer choice. Vulto Creamery has voluntarily recalled all of their cheeses at this point, even though the Ouleout cheese (pronounced OH-lee-out) has been determined the culprit by the Center for Disease Control.Vulto Creamery opened in 2012 in Walton, N.Y., a small town in the western Catskills of New York. Prior to that, Jos Vulto, originally from the Netherlands, began making and aging cheese in his Brooklyn apartment. He was an artist in the metal working medium by training. The website for Vulto Creamery indicates that all of their products are raw milk cheeses that are handcrafted in Walton.Even if Friedman’s widow prevails, she has still lost her husband. No financial award will ever make that right. I’m also assuming that Vulto Creamery has an insurance policy that will indemnify the business. All of the insurance policies in the world will not restore Vulto Creamery’s image. This is just a sad situation for both parties.I’m often confused by the throwback mindset involving food production in this country. The same consumer that demands state of the art medical care and has the latest smart phone and online streaming service would prefer that the American farmer imitate the Amish instead of similarly embracing technology. Louis Pasteur developed pasteurization for a reason, and we are aware of what the process does to make food safer. Yet the consumer will go to great lengths to demand and consume raw milk, knowing full well that listeriosis is a possibility. Why?Are we trying to recapture the good old days? My grandmother had a strong opinion about that mindset. She used to tell me, I was alive back then and those good old days weren’t so good.I’m all for the consumer having choices. I would just prefer they made educated decisions.last_img read more

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New in Chrome 10: Run Google Chrome Web Store Apps in the Background

first_imgGoogle is bringing Web apps one step closer to having full desktop functionality. Today, it announced new functionality that allows apps from the Chrome Web Store to run in the background, even when all Chrome windows have been closed but the user hasn’t actually exited the browser. Why would you want to do this? A couple of reasons. There’s an example app available here (you’ll need Chrome 10).To close the background apps, users only have to exit Chrome. Users will also be able to check which background apps and extensions are running through the Chrome icon in the system tray in Windows and Linux or the dock on OSX.To address security concerns, Google has made the functionality available only to Chrome Web Store apps and extensions. Regular websites won’t be able to access this functionality. Developers will also have to declare the background capability in their apps.At the moment this seems only minimally useful, but it does give more purpose to the creation of Chrome Web Store apps, which have been criticized as over-glorified bookmarks. Tags:#hack#Tools klint finley 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac… To enable hosted apps, such as calendars, to provide notifications without having to leave a window or tab open for the app.To enable apps to load content in the background so that it’s instantly available when a user launches the app. For example, a dashboard with real-time information, or something like that takes a while to update.center_img Why You Love Online Quizzes How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees? Related Posts Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoidlast_img read more