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Tips for college seniors looking to enter the workforce during a pandemic

first_img“When the jobs do open, if you’re having a hard time when jobs do open, you have that person to call on and say, ‘Hey, remember me?'” said Lorenzetti. Despite being difficult, seniors are being encouraged to keep applying, especially within thriving fields. For those interested in other industries, Lorenzetti suggests looking for jobs that could be used as a stepping stone. “I concentrated in medical devices and the medical device industry is booming because respirators and ventilators and all those things are medical devices,” said Tacopina. If things aren’t working out, seniors can fill this time with volunteering or taking online classes. So while the job market may not be ideal right now, many seniors are staying positive. “I was struggling. I was looking on LinkedIn and Glassdoor trying to find jobs. A lot of them would post a job and two days later take it down because they were on a hiring freeze,” said Tacopina. “They may have to cast a wider net and really think about looking and researching what fields are growing,” said Binghamton University Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development director Denise Lorenzetti. “Some of the industries are actually thriving. You look at things like healthcare, technology, remote jobs from home, biotechnology, supply chain management.” The Fleishman Center is still offering its services, but virtually. Binghamton University student Nicole Tacopina is a senior graduating with a biomedical engineering degree who has been actively looking for jobs. But with the coronavirus being a major disruption to the economy, the job search could be tough. This time could also be used to build a network. VESTAL (WBNG) — Many college seniors are getting ready to enter the workforce. For more information, click here. “Especially your first job in general, it’s about building skills. There are jobs, there are internships out there, they just may have to be a little more creative,” said Lorenzetti. “The whole experience has been a roller coaster I would say but it’s been good and I’m hopeful that I’ll find something,” said Tacopina. “Showing people this was a hard time, but I was resilient, I was adaptable by doing these other things,” said Lorenzetti.last_img read more