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Poly boys romp to water polo victory

first_imgGIRLS VOLLEYBALL Mayfair 3, Bellflower 0 Senior outside hitter Jill Sorem had 12 kills and eight digs in a 25-20, 25-15, 25-15 Suburban League victory. GIRLS TENNIS Gahr 12, Warren 6 Seniors Suzan Lin and Karina Vega swept their doubles sets and so did sophomore Trista Vega and senior Paola Plaza as the Gladiators (5-3, 2-0) won in San Gabriel Valley League competition. Catarina Vivirito went 3-0 in singles for the Bears. Paramount 11, Lynwood 7 Seniors Belsy Cortez and Maria Arroyo and junior Rocio Ortega each swept their singles sets to lead the Pirates past the Knights in San Gabriel Valley League competition. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Junior 2-meter David Sodeberg tallied four goals and senior attacker Justin Ward added three as the Poly High boys water polo team beat Irvine, 15-3, in nonleague competition Friday evening. Duran Reid did his job in the cage, hauling down nine saves for Poly, which plays host to Lakewood on Thursday in the Moore League opener. center_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREThe top 10 theme park moments of 2019 Senior Katie Bos added 12 digs and three aces for the Monsoons (5-7, 2-0), who travel to Glenn on Monday. The Bucs fell to 0-2 in league play. La Mirada 3, Artesia 0 Senior middle blocker Bear Allen-Blaine had eight kills to lead the Matadores (6-2, 2-0) to a 25-16, 25-15, 27-25 Suburban League win at Artesia (3-3, 0-2).| Windward 3, Downey Calvary Chapel 1 Senior outside hitter Elise Van Fossan recorded 22 kills and 21 digs, and senior setter Hilary Van Hofwegen had 25 assists and four blocks, but the Grizzlies (5-1, 0-1) lost 25-16, 26-24, 27-29, 25-17 in Alpha League competition. Downey Calvary Chapel travels to Campbell Hall at 6 p.m. Thursday. last_img read more

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My Donegal – with restaurateur Aidan Friel

first_imgAidan Friel runs the trendy new eaterie in Kerrykeel – the Narrow Quarter. The popular cafe – run with business partner John McDaid – has been enjoying a good summer; one of a number of new businesses to pop up in the village over the past year or so. Here’s Aidan’s My DonegalWhere is your favourite place in Donegal and why?Anywhere in the Fanad peninsula, it’s beautiful. Where in Donegal do you call home?KerrykeelWhat do you think is Donegal’s best tourist attraction?Fanad light house without a doubt. I never get tired of it. Rain hail or shine! Fanad Lighthouse is always a must see when I have friends visiting the county. Summers or winters?Summers. Is there anywhere more beautiful than Donegal (when the sun shines)Ideal day out in Donegal?A trip to Dunfanaghey, A walk on marble hill, coffee from the shack followed by a pint in Patsy Dan’s.Favourite Donegal product? Our tweed products are amazing. McNutts in Downings or Orwell & Browne. (check them both out on Instagram. Stunning products that make great gifts.)Who is Donegal’s best ambassador and why?She might not be known world wide just yet but I really think Erin McGinty is doing a wonderful job promoting Donegal. She has a strong online presence with her Instagram account @coolestplaceontheplanet. She is really showing off the county in all its glory. Her clever posts and busy lifestyle are catching the attention of thousands of online users both from inside the county and further afield.Who is Donegal’s most successful business person? This is a difficult one …. Exactly how are we measuring success?Favourite Donegal sports person?Barry McNamee who hails from ‘the wee toon’ Ramelton, #25 Derry City MidfielderFavourite Donegal restaurant?The Lemon Tree Letterkenny. If you haven’t been you don’t know what your missing.Change one thing about Donegal what would it be?I’d like to see a bigger push for real environmental changes and sustainability.Favourite Donegal expression or saying?“I’m foundered” I spent my whole life thinking that this was a perfectly normal everyday expression. Until I went to Carlow to study. Where I quickly realised it must be just a Donegal thing.Biggest challenge facing Donegal people of today?One of the biggest challenges and perhaps one of the most overlooked facing the people of Donegal is mental health. Many people struggle at some point with their mental health and sadly it seems more common that young people appear to be affected. For the younger generation, social media has transformed their daily lives. However, Online, we are constantly being bombarded with other people’s lives and their perceived success. It can be very easy to begin to question your own circumstances and question your individual successes in life. Also, I feel like work pressures in Donegal has increased, with an increase in corporate employment in the county. I also think the elderly are suffering from mental health challenges such as isolation and loneliness. We don’t visit our neighbours like we used to and this has created a real detachment in the community.Favourite Donegal food?Where do I even start with this one. Honestly, I can’t just choose one. Donegal has some of the finest produce around. The Haven Smokehouse has the best smoked salmon out there without a doubt. Hugh Wilhare and his team from Mulroy Bay Mussels grow such an excellent product. We have some of the best seafood in the country coming in fresh from Killybegs. Ballyholey Farm Shop produce fresh and tasty veg and our local butchers all around the county including Kerr’s butchers in Kerrykeel. If there’s one thing for certain we are spoilt for choice when it comes to good fresh produce.Is there anything that really annoys you about Donegal or its people?Not a thing. After living away for a while I’m just so grateful that I am able to live and work in Donegal.Favourite local bandIn Their Thousands.If you had a million euro in Donegal to improve something what would it be?I’d love to see rural transport links further improved. But I’m afraid sometimes in Ireland, a million euro wouldn’t even cover the cost a feasibility study costs.Daniel O Donell or Packie Bonner?“Wee” Daniel, my grandmother wouldn’t allow any other answer to this one.Is there anything about Donegal that you are very proud of?Yes, I am exceptionally proud of the local people of Kerrykeel and surrounding areas. Whether they realise it or not without them our business, The Narrow Quarter wouldn’t be a success. The local support we have received since we opened in April 2018 has been over whelming. To think in such a small village it would be possible to employ so many people and remain open all year round, It’s amazing and humbling to say the least.My Donegal – with restaurateur Aidan Friel was last modified: August 1st, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Aidan FrielCarrigartdonegalMY DONEGALThe Narrow Quarterlast_img read more

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Explanatory Filter in Action: Fairy Circles in Africa

first_imgThe old “crop circle” craze fanned the curiosity of many, till humans were filmed making them.  Now, scientists have a different circle mystery, and they’re stumped.The “Explanatory Filter” devised by William Dembski (see includes intelligent causes as a last resort, once natural law and chance are ruled out.  Often, it takes time to work through the filter.  When the crop circle craze hit, the simplicity of the circles suggested a natural cause at first.  But then the patterns got more and more elaborate, exhausting the probabilistic resources of chance or natural law (or both) to account for them.  In addition, they exhibited complex specified information, like mathematical forms only minds would comprehend.  This shows that scientists intuitively use the filter, even if they don’t accept Dembski’s intelligent design theory.A test case is underway in Africa.  Live Science reported that researchers are stumped at mysterious circles out in the middle of nowhere, 111 miles from the nearest village.  “In the sandy desert grasslands of Namibia in southern Africa, mysterious bare spots known as “fairy circles” will form and then disappear years later for no reason anyone can determine,” reporter Stephanie Pappas wrote.  “A new look at these strange patterns doesn’t solve the wistful mystery but at least reveals that the largest of the circles can linger for a lifetime.”Geometric circles are familiar in the plant kingdom.  Some mushrooms grow in circles called “fairy rings.”  Some superstitious people coming across these near-perfect circles of mushrooms jumped to the conclusion that mystical spirits were at work in the forest (thus the name).  They didn’t use the explanatory filter correctly; it shows that rushing to a design inference can be unwarranted.  Some grasses and bushes can also be found growing in circles.  The usual explanation is that the organism moves outward in all directions as nutrients in the center are exhausted.  That explanation, though, does not fit the African fairy circles.  They cannot yet be explained by nutrients, toxic vapors, termites or other natural causes so far examined.“The why question is very difficult,” said study researcher Walter Tschinkel, a biologist at Florida State University. “There are a number of hypotheses on the table, and the evidence for none of them is convincing.”This is an example of the Explanatory Filter in action (though Tschinkel should have said the how question, not the why question–the province of philosphy).  Natural causes are the default, and will most likely be found for such simple geometric shapes.  These circles, ranging from 12 to 40 feet in diameter, are not perfect, some are oblong, and they appear randomly spaced. Still, since it is a “persistent enigma,” scientists cannot and should not rule out design (i.e., that unseen tribes have a purpose for clearing the ground in an unusual way).Researchers are treating this like a puzzle-solving expedition that, even though unlikely to be solved soon, will yield an answer eventually.  “That’s science, isn’t it?” Tschinkel remarked.  “If you knew the answer ahead of time, it wouldn’t be much fun.”There’s nothing unusual about approaching a scientific puzzle Dembski’s way.  The Explanatory Filter is an intuitive puzzle-solving method that can be mathematically formalized, as Dembski has done.  The controversy comes when evolutionists do think they know the answer ahead of time, and it is “not design.”  Yet they will turn around and accept the design inference for crop circles and SETI.We believe a natural explanation will be found for these African “fairy circles,” but the goal of every scientist should be to keep an open mind, consider all the reasonable causes (including intelligent causes, which we can determine from uniform experience and probability), and to follow the evidence where it leads.Teaching Aid:  Present images of circles found in nature to students, and help them determine which ones have natural causes and which have intelligent causes, using the Explanatory Filter.  Examples could include: (1) Mushroom fairy rings, (2) Native American medicine wheel patterns in the desert, (3) Circular farm fields as seen from aircraft, watered by radially rotating irrigation pipes; (4) Stonehenge; (5) planetary nebulae; (6) Mars rocks with circles etched on them cut by the NASA rover’s cutting tool; (7) circles in sand made by bending grasses blown by winds; like a compass; (8) radiohalos in granite.  Finally, show the Namib “fairy circles” as an example of explanatory work in progress.Exercise:  Find historical examples of secular scientists or evolutionists allowing for an intelligent design inference after ruling out natural law and chance (SETI being a classic example).  List some scientific fields that routinely infer intelligent causes (e.g., archaeology).(Visited 23 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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Yes, we can

first_imgKevin DavieEvents which capture the imagination on a global scale as an affirmation of humanity are few and far between. Until a week ago my list of such events which have occurred during my lifetime was short, very short.One was the sequence after Nelson Mandela came out of jail and the new South Africa was born. The other was the fall of the Berlin Wall. If I had the chance to re-live just one of these events it would be the Mandela miracle, but then, of course, I am hopelessly biased.But the end of communism and the reunification of Germany has now been eclipsed by what is arguably an event of even greater significance, the election of Barack Obama as the next president of the United States.On election night one voter interviewed after the result was known said that it showed that the message was that if you got an education and pulled your pants up, any job was yours for the taking.The fall of the Berlin Wall is undoubtedly a watershed event in world history but on balance, I would argue that the election of a black man to run the world’s most powerful country has the edge as a world-changing event.So much was riding on the outcome of the election that Obama supporters across the globe hardly dared breathe in the last few days as they waited tentatively for the outcome. It mattered not that the polls showed Obama was ahead by as many as 11 percentage points.Fears that the election would somehow be stolen were palpable and no supporter dared even think of victory until it was announced on a giant board by CNN.Not that the Obama camp was not confident of victory and the McCain camp not anticipating defeat. This is seen in the after-party arrangements: Obama had handed out 70 000 tickets, McCain just 2 500.Obama, by his own admission, would not be what he is without South Africa. He switched to politics from law because of apartheid.And now his message of change is resonating in South Africa. Politicians are studying his political organisation and, in particular, his use of social media to connect with volunteers and voters.The use of digital media in politics is not new in South Africa, but safe to say that voters here can expect an onslaught of messages in the coming months as the Obama wannabes fight for digital space. This is not only great for democracy but also for Telkom, Vodacom and MTN shareholders who stand to benefit from the high-priced services they offer.The Democratic Alliance’s Helen Zille was last week looking for early mover advantage, but then, all fingers and thumbs, she sent the same message three times. I have this image of Zille with her cellphone: she is not sure whether the first message went so she sent it again, and then again just for good measure.South African politicians across the spectrum are keen to associate themselves with Obama. They want to embrace his message of change, his organisational prowess, his keen grasp of policy issues and, if they possibly could, his oratory.These talents have given Obama the top job. What talents he will need to get the United States out of the once-in-a-century fix in which it finds itself, is entirely another matter.Satirical internet magazine The Onion headlined a story on Obama’s victory “Black man given nation’s worst job”. The consensus is that not since FD Roosevelt in the 1930s has an American president faced such a tough challenge.A toxic cocktail of lax financial market regulation, cheap Greenspan money, government attempts to encourage house ownership, runaway Wall Street greed and stratospheric oil prices have conspired to batter the economy.If the cocktail had only hammered the United States the news would not be that bad, but the toxicity was exported to many countries abroad and stratospheric oil prices of recent times have also been felt universally.The United States swims in every kind of debt. It now has a whole new type of debt caused by the bailout. The way this works is that you first make sure you have a humungous problem: then you take it to Washington where you get a monster cheque written.Who will honour the cheque? The optimistic school says economic growth will bring taxes and foreign investors who will buy government bonds. Later the government can sell its stakes in the bailed-out companies and all’s well that ends well.The pessimistic scenario says that investors (think China) will no longer buy bonds but prefer to invest in their own (regulated) country. China has already announced a US$560-billion (R5.7-trillion) stimulus for its own economy.Unconfirmed reports say that the United States nationalised the troublesome twins, Fannie and Freddie, after China warned that it would no longer buy US treasuries if they were allowed to fail.The bailout can be seen in these terms – a desperate attempt to ensure that foreign investors continue to buy American.The pessimists are warning that any day now the ratings agencies could downgrade US treasuries from AAA status. This would require many investors to seek safer havens for their funds.Downgrading the United States could spark the run of runs and end the era of the dollar as the de facto international currency standard.And if this all was not enough, throw in the challenges of climate change, and you have a seriously overloaded in-tray at the oval office.I am betting that Obama will rise to the challenge and be recognised not only as the first black president, but one of the greatest of any time.In South Africa we are already in his debt. He has helped put two key political reforms on the front burner.One is a return to constituency representation to replace the tyranny of proportional politics.The other is the idea that the president should not be voted in by a couple of thousand people at happened at Polokwane. Every voter should have his or her say.As a journalist Kevin Davie is a Nieman Fellow and editor of numerous South Africa business magazines and newspapers. As an Internet entrepreneur he co-founded South Africa’s first online stockbroker and WOZA, the first news portal which was independent of a traditional publisher.He divides his time between the Mail & Guardian, where he  runs the business section and pursues the twin interests of economics and environmentalism, and projects in construction (particularly green building) and a better way to search the Internet. He also makes time to paddle and ride his mountain bike.last_img read more

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Ayanda Bandla, ambassador for the future

first_imgPlay Your Part ambassador Ayanda Bandla, a familiar face to some of us, is a television personality and businesswoman who has a genuine passion for developing South Africa’s youth and helping them overcome their biggest challenges.Ayanda Bandla’s work to empower the youth makes her perfect for the role of Play Your Part ambassador. She joins a group of individuals paving the way to a better South Africa. (Image: Ayanda Mandisa Bandla, via Facebook)Play Your Part reporterReality television personality and businesswoman Ayanda Bandla has joined the ranks of our Play Your Part ambassadors, a group of individuals recognised for setting an example of active citizenship and embracing the spirit of giving back to the community.Bandla’s interest in television took root when she participated in the first season of One Day Leader on SABC 1, a reality television show that pitted six young leaders from across the country against each other in debates on issues that affected the development of South Africa.Topics ranged from education and health, through to unemployment – all subjects where good leadership could positively affect the growth of the country.“I made it to the season finale, where I earned myself the second runner-up position,” Bandla recalls.Shortly afterwards she joined as a sub-editor for Sunrise, an early morning news show, and hasn’t looked back.Bandla went on to study for her Bachelors degree in political science, specialising in international relations, at the University of Pretoria. This was followed by founding the Mandisa Group, a company with a diverse range of interests that include media, communications and event management.Youth developmentPerhaps most important among the company’s interests is its involvement in the education sector and in youth empowerment through the Ubuntu Sessions.“Under youth empowerment, I, together with my partners, have established and implemented youth-empowerment mini-seminars titled Ubuntu Sessions, designed to push boundaries, inspire thinking and generate new solutions,” Bandla explains.Through this, she has helped to give a voice to township youth facing some of the many issues that are part and parcel of living in South Africa’s townships.It is for this work that Brand South Africa recognises Bandla, and is the reason the organisation chose her to be a Play Your Part ambassador.The Ubuntu Sessions seminars are held in Johannesburg and Durban, and the Mandisa Group hopes to spread their influence and take these seminars to youth across the country.Ubuntu Sessions seminars are aimed at inspiring positive thinking among the youth, generating relevant solutions to the problems they face, and putting them in a position to actively play a role in their own upliftment.The sessions also give the youth an opportunity to engage with various leaders from the government, business and civil society sectors. This gives them a platform to ask critical questions and receive direct responses and guidance to help them navigate the many obstacles they face.Ambassador materialIn the hopes of making a difference in the lives of even more South Africans, Bandla has set in motion plans to establish an education non-profit organisation aimed at highlighting and celebrating the progress made in the education sector.The organisation will also tackle some of the challenges faced by youth in navigating the country’s basic and higher education systems.All this considered, Bandla fits the description of a Play Your Part ambassador, setting an example of how empowering others is one of the best ways to make South Africa a better place for us all.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa materiallast_img read more

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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, October 4, 2018

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Showers move over Ohio today and we keep a cloudy, damp kind of feel tomorrow, but with less moisture. Today’s showers total .1”-.75” with coverage at 80% of the state, and then tomorrow lingering scattered showers can produce additional rains of a few hundredths to a tenth or two with 50% coverage. Action ends a little quicker Friday, and we may see some clearing overnight. After a partly sunny start to Saturday, we have another around of moisture moving in. We are making no changes to our Saturday forecast with most of the action coming over the northern part of the state. Showers and a few thunderstorms bring .25”-1” rains for areas from  I-70 northward ahead Saturday afternoon and evening. While thunderstorms will not hit everywhere, this warm surge we are in the middle of does allow for better development of convection, enough that we still think there is some thunderstorm potential in there. South of I-70, there is no rain threat Saturday. Dry for the balance of the weekend and the first part of next week, Sunday through Tuesday, statewide. Our next wave of moisture may be trying to come a little sooner, with a few scattered showers developing over the state overnight Tuesday night.Clouds will be building through Wednesday morning, and we see rains and thunderstorms really ramp up later in the afternoon and into Wednesday night. We still think that we can see rains 4 days straight from Wednesday through next Saturday. The heaviest rains come Wednesday night and Thursday and then again on Saturday. Combined we can see half to 2.5” with coverage at 100% of the state. Temps also drop behind that system, moving to normal and below normal levels. The map at right shows updated potential rain totals through the coming 10 days, ending with next Saturday. The rest of the extended period goes drier, as Canadian high pressure settles in over most of the corn belt. We should be dry for at least 4 days from next Sunday on through the following Wednesday, but we are bringing showers back for that Thursday (18th). With building clouds, keep the door open for at least a quarter of an inch of moisture potential there, before sun returns the following Friday. Temps drop again behind that system.last_img read more

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Sealed-Combustion Appliances and Hot Tub Parties

first_img RELATED ARTICLES Combustion Safety and the Worst-Case Depressurization TestFarewell to the Chimney?Makeup Air for Range HoodsHow to Provide Makeup Air for a Wood Stove Making Your Home Safer with a Sealed Combustion Closet Sealed Combustion Combustion Equipment Safety Erik North, the owner of Free Energy Maine, is an energy auditor and home performance specialist in Westbrook, Maine. He is also the author of the Energy Auditing Blog. Sealed-combustion appliances are apt to become more common as the new energy codes introduce residential airtightness standards. This means that you’ll need to pay close attention to heating system safety. Fortunately, the new codes lay out explicit guidelines for combustion appliances.Building and energy codes often get adopted piecemeal around the country. In Maine, we’ve adopted the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), but have exempted towns below a certain population level.The 2009 IECC requires that new wood-burning fireplaces get their combustion air from outdoors. The 2006 International Residential Code (IRC) requires that tightly constructed buildings get all of their combustion air from outside the building enclosure.This is the trend in building codes: requiring that combustion appliances get their air from the outside. That’s where sealed-combustion appliances comes in. What’s the problem? As the house becomes tighter, traditionally vented combustion appliances are increasingly apt to spill flue gases or backdraft. BLOGS BY ERIC NORTH Does More Wall Insulation Reduce Cooling Costs?Should I Insulate My Garage Door?My First Energy AuditEnergy Audits in New EnglandThe Worst House I Ever Audited Was Built in 2008What is Thermal Bridging?center_img Sealed-combustion appliances and the hot tub partyWhat cause this backdrafting? Atmospherically vented appliances pull air from indoors (the combustion air zone, or CAZ). The tighter one makes a house, the smaller the CAZ.In a tight house, exhaust fans and combustion appliances fight over a smaller pool of air and can begin fighting against one another. Think of it like a house party. Everything is fine when some folks are out on the porch, some in the kitchen, some in the pool. There’s more than enough Merlot and potstickers to go around.Everything is fine until some genius suggests that everyone should pile into the hot tub. And it is crowded. Folks jostle elbows and knock over drinks — plus you will probably run out of guacamole. (I think this metaphor just got away from me.)If the house is too tight and the ventilation appliances (the range hood fan, atmospherically vented water heater, atmospherically vented heating system, clothes dryer, and bathroom exhaust fans) run simultaneously, the appliances start fighting for elbow room. And if the other appliances are stronger than the heating system’s draft strength — BAM — backdrafting occurs and nasty gases from the heating system flue are pulled into the house.If you install traditionally vented combustion appliances in a tight building envelope, you’ve set yourself up for potential problems. One solution: sealed combustion! Tighter buildings, better heating systemsSealed-combustion appliances have burners and flues that are separated from the interior environment, eliminating the possibility of spillage and backdrafting. There is a ducted outdoor air intake and an outdoor exhaust flue; these two pipes are usually combined as a single concentric pipe. This means that the combustion air and flue gases never interact with the interior. No problems! Everyone gets guacamole!Folks sometimes say that a house shouldn’t be too tight. One reason (they say) is the potential for mold; another is moisture accumulation; and another is the concern about backdrafting combustion appliances. All of these problems can be avoided, however, if the home’s HVAC system and ventilation system are designed properly.If you install gas-burning sealed-combustion appliances, you will still need to have your fuel lines and flues regularly inspected by a gas contractor. But potential issues with backdrafting or the spillage of flues gases shouldn’t be a problem. What is sealed combustion?Sealed-combustion appliances have burners and flues that are completely disconnected from a building’s interior. Traditional heating and hot water systems — often referred to as “atmospherically vented appliances” — pull combustion air and dilution air for the flue gases from the building interior. As we build tighter, more efficient houses, these old-fashioned appliances become (not to put too fine a point on it) increasingly dangerous and stupid.last_img read more

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Giannis Nears Triple Double, DeRozan Scores Franchise-High 52 to Lead Raptors Past Bucks

first_imgTORONTO (AP) — DeMar DeRozan spent his New Year’s Day watching basketball history and making some, too.DeRozan scored a franchise-record 52 points, and the Toronto Raptors beat the Milwaukee Bucks 131-127 in overtime on Monday night, matching the team record with their 12th consecutive home victory.DeRozan said he spent some time earlier in the day watching the final few minutes of Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, in which Hall of Famer Michael Jordan beat the Utah Jazz with a late jump shot, giving the Chicago Bulls their sixth title in eight seasons.“I remember being a kid and wishing to be in moments like that,” DeRozan said. “When you come out here and you’re in those moments, you’ve got to make the best out of them.”DeRozan sure did, becoming the third player in Raptors history to score 50 or more in a single game. The others are Vince Carter and Terrence Ross, who each had 51.Giannis Antetokounmpo had 26 points for the Bucks, adding 9 rebounds and 7 assists.“I for sure wanted to beat T-Ross,” DeRozan joked about eclipsing his former teammate.DeRozan scored the first nine points of the game and had 21 in the first, the most by a Raptors player in a single quarter this season.“He was playing with a lot of juice,” coach Dwane Casey said. “You could see the bounce in his step. Tonight, DeMar DeRozan played like a superstar.”DeRozan made 17 of 29 field-goal attempts and went 13 for 13 at the free-throw line. His five 3-pointers were one shy of his career high.“He’s dangerous any time he puts on a uniform,” Bucks coach Jason Kidd said. “Now to be able to expand his range out to the 3-point line just makes the game easier for him.”Kyle Lowry had 26 points and Serge Ibaka added 11 for the Raptors, who also won 12 straight at Air Canada Centre between Jan. 18 and March 6, 2016. Toronto is an NBA-best 14-1 at home.Eric Bledsoe scored 29 points, including 11 in overtime, for the Bucks who had won their previous two. Khris Middleton finished with 18 points in the entertaining rematch between first-round playoff opponents from last season, a series Toronto won in six.Fred VanVleet gave Toronto the lead for good with a 3-pointer at 3:51 of overtime, and DeRozan followed with a jump shot, making it 121-117 Raptors.DeRozan made a pair of free throws to tie it at 114 with 37 seconds left in regulation, and Toronto got the ball back when Lowry stripped Matthew Dellavedova. Lowry’s 3-point attempt with the shot clock winding down missed the rim, giving the Bucks 3.2 seconds to try to win it. With DeRozan defending him, Malcolm Brogdon couldn’t get a shot off before the buzzer sounded, sending it to overtime.“We were looking at Khris and Giannis,” Kidd said. “We had two options and Malcolm was the safety. We knew they were going to switch, we just didn’t make the right read.”TIP-INSBucks: Milwaukee assigned F Jabari Parker to their G-League team, the Wisconsin Herd. Parker, who also practiced with the Herd last month, has not played this season as he recovers from left knee surgery. … Brogdon had 15 points. … Dellavedova had a season-high 10 assists.Raptors: Lowry holds the Raptors record for points in a quarter, scoring 22 in the fourth during a win at Atlanta on Dec. 2, 2015. … Toronto has won nine straight against Eastern Conference opponents.SIGN OF THE TIMESA smiling Jonas Valanciunas interrupted DeRozan’s postgame scrum by standing behind his teammate and holding up a hand-lettered sign reading “52.”ON POINTAfter blocking Bledsoe’s fast-break layup attempt in the first, Ibaka celebrated by pointing at the Milwaukee bench.UP NEXTBucks: Host Indiana on Wednesday. It’s the first of four meetings this season between the Central Division rivals.Raptors: Visit the Bulls on Wednesday. Toronto has lost six straight in Chicago, last winning there on Dec. 31, 2013.___IAN HARRISON, Associated PressTweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

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Win $1000 Of BodyScience Products

first_imgAll answers will be treated confidentially and will not be attributed to you as an individual. As an incentive, BodyScience is giving away $1000 worth of products to one lucky respondent.Please click on the following link to complete the survey – is it? Body Science Online Customer SurveyHow long does it take? 5-10 minutesWhat do I get? A chance to win $1000rrp worth of Body Science productsHow long do I have? The survey will close at 5pm, Friday 20 MayWhat are the conditions?·         One response per person·         Answers are provided truthfully·         All applicable questions must be answeredlast_img read more

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10 months agoEx-West Ham defender Collins rips up Aston Villa deal

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Ex-West Ham defender Collins rips up Aston Villa dealby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer West Ham defender James Collins has ripped up his contract at Aston Villa.The Mirror says Collins has ripped up a £50,000 contract at Aston Villa after injuring himself just an hour after signing it.Unattached former Welsh international defender Collins has been training with Championship Villa this term after leaving West Ham.Dean Smith tabled a short-term deal worth around £10,000-a-week until the end of January to secure experience and cover at the back.But Collins went out to train later that morning and promptly injured his calf.The star, frustrated with himself, then trooped back inside Villa’s Bodymoor Heath training ground and tore up the paperwork. last_img read more