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Shanghai Longfeng Er concern Shanghai dragon service

three: you do optimization is not a relationship between

four: your price is not too expensive?

: put a few key words do love Shanghai or Google home page

do a month how much money to spend? Relative to a by the strength to make up the optimization results, you spend the least money to get the maximum value, ranking up you a month to get the money back.

need how many money? in Shanghai?

first, we should emphasize that: in the powerful Shanghai dragon Er did not dare to guarantee the key word do home page. Some people may not think so, just think of Shanghai dragon ER technology is not enough, also don’t do too much here to explain. And customers are asking, is to make a commitment to Shanghai dragon consultants to provide keyword ranking, but this commitment is not to give, to how much money is useless. Because the search engines love Shanghai or Google, not a belong to a Shanghai Longfeng consultant, the final ranking factors only to find a more suitable site in the search engine optimization to improve the ranking rules after a sequential process, and finally reach the expected goal. read more

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Shanghai dragon on the details the importance of image optimization for the site to increase the pow

site optimization involves many contents, people often mention the more of the text is the optimization, such as internal connection and high quality content. But in addition to these basic text, as well as an important part of the content is often overlooked, that is. Many webmaster website pictures, just add a ALT tag, this is only limited optimization, without these adjustments, on the other hand, can also increase the right points for the web site.

, the first Alt tag is the foundation, the search engines themselves don’t grab pictures, also cannot read pictures, but can read Alt tags, it is the first impression of the image search engine, for when there is a lot of pictures on the website, for each picture with the one and only Alt tags, mainly around the core of the article mean to write into the appropriate page keywords, to increase the correlation of web pages. If you use the CMS above does not have this feature, be sure to add, otherwise it is loss. In addition, don’t take pictures of the ALT attribute is written in the same, this will be the search engine that is cheating, may be punished. read more