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On the new station to be included in the love of Shanghai

recently love Shanghai for new sites included is very strict, especially the virtual host, Info domain name or foreign I guess love Shanghai is afraid of impact it brings, the need for each suspected station group or domain name server through rigorous examination, and I stand in a dozen time the experiment finally found a way to make love in Shanghai that day included and update the snapshot. I simply say a few points:

this is one of the most important points, one point is the most difficult, many of my friends are always complaining about the audit in the Admin5 or Chinaz are too strict, in fact. If you want to be successful to post these two sites must be written to, that is their own feelings and experiences with words express, of course, editing is very human, when you think of others when editing articles useful, they will be approved, but also each article we must take the objective feelings and their experiences. Whether right or wrong, after all, this is a platform for the exchange of. read more

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Love Shanghai news sources included new statements of web content to do

enterprise station construction, in view of the special nature of the product information, may not be updated every day, more is to update the product information, industry information to replace the contents of the product, the content of the original enterprises difficult to obtain, many will edit and pseudo original outdated industry news, much influence these old news to users originally, users to the site to find the latest product information, but also to see the latest industry information, the site of the content for users is completely meaningless. No matter is to update the product information or industry information, the timeliness of the content of the page is the premise, if the resource of a commonplace talk of an old scholar not to talk about the taste, the user will generate resentment, and not to repeat the contents of spider repeatedly included, more duplicate content, on the website of the impact will increase accordingly. read more

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Network marketing is the pit Or a trap


a lot of people think that network marketing is everything. But in fact, this sentence is wrong, even if the network marketing do better, not a marketing promotional products, after all but a gimmick. I have a deep experience of millet, I was the first one to buy millet mobile phone in our dormitory, I bought the 1S millet youth version grab three times to grab, why choose millet mobile phone? Because I put the millet mobile phone and other mobile phone parameters were compared at the time, price is the most high, then. 2S 2A, millet, red rice, millet 3, red rice NOTE, our dormitory has become the home of millet, hot Rice noodles fancier, although my mobile phone for almost two years, but I still don’t want to eliminate the wishes of. read more

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To investigate the role of TAG in website optimization

dream weaving system (dedecms) the open source has been one of the most Webmaster Station with, in many domestic open source program, dream weaving system is doing the best in terms of optimization, so many people will choose to use it to the station. The root directory Tags.php this article is placed on the site, we all know the file directory more shallow, search engine to give the weight is different, too much weight directory is very low, so the theory on the root directory files are placed on the website under the most conducive to the optimization. But that is impossible. When the spider crawling website in the first document, from the root directory, so the first to find the file is the home page, robots file, tag file, the tag tag can crawl the entire station page article page. So I think TAG page is the entrance of the spider crawling. read more

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Novice collection a few website snapshot update guess

website content

website content is king, the chain for the king is about bad things, but the essence of it not being discovered, many Shanghai dragon Er still in the endless course, pseudo original, pseudo original can also move the snapshot of the update, but the original is too low is not meant to have a high-quality content. The tip of the iceberg for the Fuzhou modern obstetrics and gynecology hospital this website, like many websites, based on the pseudo original snapshot, but always keep in a week, and included poor, love Shanghai spider is only 1000 more every day. To May 23rd, the original article began operation, the second day Shanghai spider rose more than 10000, of course, does not rule out the love sea just after 520 adjustments, but after May 30th with the updated snapshot of the love of Shanghai. But if you do not encounter love Shanghai this ventilation period, then the site snapshot can be updated to the latest still undetermined number?. But the tip of the iceberg that love Shanghai to the original value has been unprecedented enhancement, pseudo original will gradually lose power. read more

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Observation entrepreneurs can learn what MSN fiascoWhere is your credit union nine wins

MSN is a first in order to fight against AOL, ISP Internet Service Provider, equivalent to the Internet access service service Microsoft subsidiary, AOL has a AIM, Microsoft launched a MSN Messenger Service to increase user stickiness. Did not expect >

when you saw this article, MSN was permanently frozen by Microsoft except in china. When it comes to its present situation, it is to let people feel great: you and I are witnessing it once brilliant, "something hanging MSN" in the same year is a symbol of white-collar workers; it has now become a chicken ribs close to application, and even became a high incidence of fraud. read more

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Lu Songsong concern in several segments of Shanghai Dragon

with the development of mobile Internet, the rise of the domestic APP shops, the promotion of APP has become a very popular area, but in a few years ago, the APP app store has just started, Shanghai did not like the love that can monopolize a field site, so early APP promotion is by wide net, implant, brush ranking method.

is the first principle of product information, the description of the natural search volume principle;

in the first half of this year, Taobao announced the Shanghai dragon three rules: read more

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Zhang Qing where is the road of Shanghai dragon er

chain of the Commissioner, the primary Shanghai dragon er


in my opinion, I is the most promising in this way, the transformation of multi products. As I know, Jia Xuelong, only 18 years old, good children, their own way, do is key to their products, bring a lot of income, at the time of a month is to enter above 1W. In my opinion, the most relaxed Shanghai Longfeng money mode, or find a lucrative product, through the keywords related to the product.

in Shanghai Longfeng

keyword ranking, network optimization read more

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Let be K site included fast recovery


K is a website by webmasters are met, some K hurried to the forum posts scolding father swore. While some cool station will be to analyze why the site will be K, what is the reason why the search engine or its website. The latter with the recovery rate of the former is greatly different, because the latter are carefully analyzed, 90% can find the reason and improvement. Those who criticize the father just Aguirre waste time trying to get sympathy. Don’t do anything. Relatively, since this complaining time why do not check the website? Most of the search engine will not stand because K It is without rhyme or reason., your site appears the wrong thing! Well, said so much below that of how fast recovery method. read more

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Mobile phone website should be how to do the optimization of Shanghai Dragon


on the mobile Internet, users are most concerned about traffic? Well, if you do a website is an open video, flash, pop, users will feel terrible, you might think that takes the user unaware on your website traffic, but if there is a hardcore fans have been looking at you the web site, but because your site cost too much traffic, not to the end of the month did not flow, do you think this thing is good or bad. In technical terms, Apple products do not support the Flash function, a large part of the intelligent mobile phone. read more