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June 6 2008 The Arcosanti Organics crew has be

first_imgJune 6, 2008 The Arcosanti Organics crew has been busy at work this week with the annual Garlic Harvest. Agriculture staff / volunteers, as well as the Construction crew and one of the kids on summer vacation have all been part of picking. In late Autumn, the Paulownia Garden was planted with about a quarter acre of garlic cloves. [Photo & text: Amber Klatt] As well, another few rows of the flavour-rich vegetable were planted in the Chicken Garden. The farmers are at work delicately pulling the garlic from the ground. It is important not to damage either the head or the stalk, since the garlic will be braided together at a later date. [Photo: Melissa Soluski & text: Amber Klatt] Having a ‘cash crop’ like this is quite important to the Arcosanti Organics crew. This garlic is sold at the Farmers’ Markets here at Arcosanti, but also in Prescott and surrounding communities – and, come fall, the vegetable will be entered in the County Fair competition. [Photos: Melissa Soluski and Amber Klatt & text: Amber Klatt]last_img

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