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when Woods will be

when Woods will be setting out with the aim of adding to his 14 majors.

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is up there in terms of talent and if he goes on like this Srikanth will end up as one of the most successful men’s singles badminton players in the world But what is the 24-year-old really like In this exclusive interview TS Sudhir catches a candid Srikanth talking about feeling lazy in the morning what he thinks about coach and mentor Pullela Gopichand and why he dislikes shooting for ads Edited excerpts follow: India’s Kidambi Srikanth and his parents pose with his medal before a press conference at the Pullela Gopichand Academy in Hyderabad on Tuesday AP Two Sundays two titles Sundays have become a working day for you (Laughs) But for making it work on Sunday I have to work through the week especially from Wednesday But while at the Denmark Open and French Open you had an easy Sunday outing the road to the finals was tough in both events Yes Only Wednesday and Sunday was easy in both tournaments Thursday Friday and Saturday were tough days When one looks at you playing in these big-ticket Superseries tournaments doing India proud you seem rather cool for the occasion You don’t seem to get carried away by the magnitude of the occasion I do not show much emotion I prefer to absorb it I used to scream a lot during my junior days Now if I do it I will lose control over myself So I prefer to control myself You must be aware that when you are playing millions of Indians are glued to their TV sets gasping at every move of yours marvelling at the audacity of your smashes Does the thought put pressure on you the burden of expectations No I do not think of all those things I am focused only on what I need to execute on court Give us a sense of what you do in the last ten minutes before you step on court after you have finished with the warm-up stretches and practice Any meditation to help you concentrate No I do not do any meditation It is the routine of warming up stretches and practice in the same arena to get a feel of how things are How do you then shut off the pressure I do not read any news I do not follow social media in between a tournament I am that kind of guy People ask me to tweet and post about myself but that is the toughest thing for me to do So I prefer to be away from any form of social media Only after the match is over do I post something on it That’s all Your smashes are a treat to watch You played a very aggressive game in the finals of the French Open Are you naturally an aggressive person No I am not I do not have an attitude I do not try to intimidate the opponent My entire focus is to take control of the situation I have known Pullela Gopichand for 20 years and you sound so much like him when you say that If you talk about comparison I would say Gopi Sir is far more sincere than me Everything that I read about him or what people tell me about him I think he was just too sincere Define ‘sincere’ For instance if a diet is prescribed I may break it after a week or so He will not He is so disciplined about anything that will affect his game Earlier I have seen you start your morning session with Gopi at 4:30 am now your day begins with an 8:30 am session Are there days when you feel extreme reluctance in going to the academy (Laughs) Definitely yes I do feel lazy about getting up I am lazy If I say I am not my friends who will read this interview will know I am lying So when you on those days drag yourself to the court is it because of fear of the coaches or a sense that you have to do this Half of it is because of the fear of the coaches Half of it is with the feeling that I have to somehow finish it off for the day I may not be 100 percent focused during the session but finish it off The advantage is that now with a comparatively late start I get an extra two hours of sleep Which means 95 percent of the days I am actually okay with getting up and going to the academy How dependent are you on the coaches sitting by the side when you are on court Are there things they tell you which you fail to notice during the match I have an idea of what is happening during a match But during the break it is good to hear another perspective Obviously coaches will see it differently Also when you are down by five or six points different ideas help you Have there been occasions perhaps not so in 2017 when you have been on a roll when coaches have scolded you for not implementing the plan that was discussed before the match Oh yes Before the match they would have asked me not to smash but I may still go ahead and do it hoping to get an extra point and in the process hit into the net So yes you do get told off sternly Unlike in the past when Gopi would most often travel alone or just with a coach now it is a huge Indian contingent that travels together How do you deal with it when you lose or win against a fellow sparring partner Like you lost to Sai Praneeth in the final in Singapore Open you defeated HS Prannoy in Paris at the French Open Does it affect interpersonal relationships Not really We all know one has to lose and there can be only one winner Off court relationships do not get affected by what happens on court We cannot be angry or fight over that We are friends forever In the entire contingent it is one or two players who emerge victorious Is there then an imbalance in terms of emotional quotient A few would be happy others won’t be It is not as easy as you make it sound to be because obviously everyone wants to win Somehow all of us have got used to enjoying each other’s success That is the way it is This is a question that has been asked to you many times in the last couple of days What does being World No 2 or 3 mean to you It is good to be up there but I am not running behind them Do you get mobbed especially at airports now Sometimes yes but not much How do you handle female attention (Chuckles) I do not go out much There is no time Monday to Saturday we are busy with practise and Sunday is the only rest day when I just prefer to relax And I know your parents do not treat Srikanth as a champion just another son Does that too ensure you don’t get carried away by the success Yes I prefer it to be simple too You do recognise that Kidambi Srikanth is now a huge brand How do you deal with Srikanth the brand Is shooting for an ad more tough than playing a final Shooting for an ad is very tough I am far more comfortable playing a match Like when they make me shoot for the PBL ads Very difficult They asked me to show the same emotion I had when I won the Australian Open Now at that time because of the pressure I had a certain emotion How can I replicate it We are not actors Where do you see Kidambi Srikanth five years from now (Laughs) Five years is a long time I am not even thinking of the next 12 months I can at best take one or two months at a time Sydney: Australian senator Fraser Anning on Wednesday compared Muslims with "poisonous jelly beans" following his "racist" maiden speech in the Senate seeking immigration restrictions based on race Anning from the conservative Katter’s Australian Party advocated a return to White Australia policy and called for migration bans on Muslims in his speech in Parliament on Tuesday Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joined other politicians and community leaders in criticizing the Queensland Senator for suggesting a "final solution" (the phrase that refers to a plan hatched by Nazis to annihilate the Jews) to the immigration "problem" File image of Australian senator Fraser Anning AP Turnbull said Anning made "a shocking insult to the memory" of those murdered in the Holocaust Following his controversial speech Anning targeted Muslims once again in an interview to a Sydney talkback radio "Look if you can tell me which ones are not going to cause us harm then fine that’d be great But unfortunately if you have a jar of jelly beans and three of them are poisonous you’re not going to try any of them" he told Alan Jones of radio 2GB while referring to Muslims Anning insisted that Muslims should be stopped from entering Australia "I’m afraid that the Muslims as a group there’s going to be three or four or five percent that are going to mean us harm "Because I can’t tell who’s who I think the safest thing for Australians is that we don’t have any of them" he said Earlier in his Parliament speech Anning said: "The record of Muslims who have already come to this country in rates of crime welfare dependency and terrorism is the worst of any migrants and vastly exceeds any other immigrant groups "We have black African Muslim gangs terrorising Melbourne We have Islamic State-sympathizing Muslims trying to go overseas to fight for it While all Muslims are not terrorists certainly all terrorists these days are Muslims" he said while urging for a plebiscite to decide who enters Australia Several Australian parliamentarians denounced the speech as "disgraceful" and called on Anning to apologize for his choice of words Muslim MP Anne Aly said that the Queensland Senator deliberately used "neo-Nazi white supremacist terminology" "That was a deliberate use of a heinous word that brings back so many painful memories and sets a precedent for the future of our country that we need to stand up and stop it" said a tearful Aly in Parliament "I’m tired of fighting I’m tired of having to stand up against hate against vilification time and time again" said Aly Besides Muslims Anning also targeted international students as he asked for an "end to Australian-job-stealing 457 visas" and "force international students to return to their country of origin once they finish their education" He also sought the number of student visas to be cut drastically India is the second largest source of international students after China $799 The entire cookbook in one app for less than what youd buy the physical cookbook for (though we love the thing so much we think you should have a physical copy too) The app version includes in-recipe timers so that you can set them as you follow along the ability to search by theme (like "Drinks" "Egg Dishes" and "Brunch Lunch or Supper Recipes") and detailed informational asides that you can click into (see: "About Cooking Fish") Create menus and shopping lists convert measurements and toggle between recipes thanks to the same iconic red bookmarks youll find in the physical cookbook Why we love it: It’s just as much as a classic as the phsycial book is but with the added resource of being able to search digitally for whatever you’re looking for Also: The app will also speak the recipe to you and you can speak backso you dont have to touch the screen while youre trussing a duck or rolling out dough (And if you get lost there’s a handy built-in guide that will teach you exactly how to use the app)It was a success story that Japan sorely needed: a young talented and beautiful researcher developed a cheap and simple way to grow versatile stem cells The discovery promised to usher in a new age of regenerative medicine validated Japan as a leader in scientific research and demonstrated that even in a male-dominated society women could excel when given a chance Alas it may have been too good to be true Intrigued by researcher Haruko Obokatas breakthrough other scientists tried but failed to replicate her results Peer-review websites accused her of falsifying data and doctoring images and supervisors were accused of lax management Obokata 30 was forced to retract her scientific papers and the government-sponsored research center where she worked launched a formal investigation The matter took a darker turn this week when Obokatas supervisor and mentor Yoshiki Sasai a noted scientist in his own right was found hanging from a stairway railing at his office In farewell letters found at his desk Sasai reportedly apologized for the turmoil but urged Obokata to continue her work and to prove her detractors wrong Sasais death cast a pall over the controversy But in a nation where suicide does not carry the same stigma as in some Western countries there has been a certain degree of sympathy if not outright approval "This is seen in some respects as an honorable way out of a shameful and devastating turn of events: A highflyer brought low by an underlings mistakes seeking to atone for and expunge the shame" says Jeffrey Kingston a professor of Asian studies at Tokyo’s Temple University-Japan "This touches a chord of sympathy and understanding in Japan" Sasai was a noted stem-cell scientist and deputy director of the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe part of a national research system that receives roughly $1 billion a year in government support and is part of an ambitious effort to boost scientific research throughout Japan The 52-year-old was not directly involved in Obokatas research but had helped recruit her and supervised the research papers that were published in the British journal Nature in January But whether Sasais death generates sympathy for Obokata or the rest of Japans scientific community remains to be seen Obokata burst onto the scene in late January with the publication of the Nature papers of which she was the lead author Those studies claimed to have found a new way of creating stem cells dubbed stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency or STAP Such cells could be used to create new tissue with potential for treating illnesses like Alzheimers heart disease and stroke Poised and photogenic Obokata was an instant hit with Japans frenetic media mainstream and social alike Here after all was a different kind of scientist Even in the lab Obokata flashed stylish clothes false eyelashes and fashionable hairstyles She eschewed the usual white lab coat in favor of a traditional housewife’s kappogi (a gift from her grandmother she explained) and had the walls of her lab painted pink and yellow and decorated with cartoon characters Even Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who has made "womenomics" a key plinth of his economic revival package noticed He commended Obokata’s apparent achievement from the floor of Japans Parliament and vowed to build “a country where the women are the brightest in the world” But it didnt take long for doubts to surface Peer-review websites noticed oddities and discrepancies in Obokatas research Attempts to replicate her findings failed By mid-February RIKEN had launched an internal investigation In April officials charged Obokata with fabricating data doctoring images and borrowing descriptions from other research papers Meanwhile discrepancies were found in the research of other leading scientists though none with the public profile of Obokata In an excruciating four-hour press conference televised live by many of Japans major networks a tearful Obokata struggled to maintain her composure She admitted errors in her research papers but maintained they were innocent mistakes that did not affect the final results STAP cells were real she insisted She has remained on the staff at RIKEN but has maintained a low profile refusing interviews In July RIKEN officials announced that she would be allowed to take part in a five-month experiment designed to discover once and for all whether her initial findings were real Other researchers and video cameras would monitor her work officials said The RIKEN affair has been watched closely by Japans scientific community which has produced its share of Nobel Prizes but is often viewed as insular and underperforming "One thing that should not be lost in all this is that Japan produces outstanding science" says Jonathan Dorfan a former director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center at Stanford University and now president of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan "People in the scientific community here are paying attention to this and hopefully that will lead to the kind of training that will avoid an outcome like this happening again" Contact us at [email protected] investors, Most days the circuit is the domain of drag racers and bike enthusiasts — all men. Bloody being the operative word after last seasons absolute bloodbath."She’s a mother; she’s a woman; she’s a Native American; and it’s a terrible tragedy that shouldn’t happen, Sen. Kreuser said,com/Ys9mnPDETo Eduardo (@ruizeduardo215) March 12, “I did something much harder than change the world, 2018Thankfully.

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