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Shanghai Longfeng Er concern Shanghai dragon service

three: you do optimization is not a relationship between

four: your price is not too expensive?

: put a few key words do love Shanghai or Google home page

do a month how much money to spend? Relative to a by the strength to make up the optimization results, you spend the least money to get the maximum value, ranking up you a month to get the money back.

need how many money? in Shanghai?

first, we should emphasize that: in the powerful Shanghai dragon Er did not dare to guarantee the key word do home page. Some people may not think so, just think of Shanghai dragon ER technology is not enough, also don’t do too much here to explain. And customers are asking, is to make a commitment to Shanghai dragon consultants to provide keyword ranking, but this commitment is not to give, to how much money is useless. Because the search engines love Shanghai or Google, not a belong to a Shanghai Longfeng consultant, the final ranking factors only to find a more suitable site in the search engine optimization to improve the ranking rules after a sequential process, and finally reach the expected goal.

how to do?If

two: you look at my website, and then provide the optimized scheme to try a few months later I see the effect in


Shanghai dragon is a time-consuming project, and not every day casually do the chain can secure. Can only say that the question people they don’t know the business cooperation or the like. The optimization process involved in: industry analysis, competitor analysis, keyword positioning, preliminary work links a complex examination, if after this end to talk about cooperation, is extremely unfair for any consultant for Shanghai dragon.

five: ranking optimization up fall

Internet industry competition intensified, Shanghai dragon service is getting more and more attention, compared to the high cost of search engine promotion, Shanghai dragon service is undoubtedly cheap. However, Shanghai dragon Er often encounter some problems in the single process, a slight mistake the customer will fly into the embrace of others. Why? You Shanghai dragon Er are also clear, because you are not professional authority, lack of trust for the customer, the customer may not be money after all to exchange with others accidentally boondoggle. So, how to answer customer questions more professional, keep your clients in order to make the transaction, is the most important, this paper discusses the Shanghai dragon Er encountered in the problems in the process of orders.

to give you the money?

for this question I want to say with you, if anything, I would say that you give money after the website ranking will immediately increase. Who have nothing to do every day optimization? Moreover, the search engine will not because someone and intervention results in industry law must be eliminated because he damaged the interests of most people.

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