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On the new station to be included in the love of Shanghai

recently love Shanghai for new sites included is very strict, especially the virtual host, Info domain name or foreign I guess love Shanghai is afraid of impact it brings, the need for each suspected station group or domain name server through rigorous examination, and I stand in a dozen time the experiment finally found a way to make love in Shanghai that day included and update the snapshot. I simply say a few points:

this is one of the most important points, one point is the most difficult, many of my friends are always complaining about the audit in the Admin5 or Chinaz are too strict, in fact. If you want to be successful to post these two sites must be written to, that is their own feelings and experiences with words express, of course, editing is very human, when you think of others when editing articles useful, they will be approved, but also each article we must take the objective feelings and their experiences. Whether right or wrong, after all, this is a platform for the exchange of.

if you do the above three points, the new day is love Shanghai included and update the snapshot is very easy, and sometimes actually just finished a love of Shanghai had been included, more than an individual opinion after the experiment. Wrong, but also look correct, by ww>

I recently on several stations are the new domain name registration, is not the weight of domain name, no one had registered the domain name, and then the experiment on the first day on the line has been included. In fact, it is very simple, nothing more than two words: the chain! You may know the importance of the chain, especially for Google is more important, but in the love of Shanghai, we went to the requirements for is actually at a loss, love Shanghai outside the chain, the chain is very particular about the following simple skills; introduced some skills:

second: go to the forum posting

third: the Admin5 or Chinaz text

method is a little old, but for the love of Shanghai, or have the effect, of course, you have to pay attention to skills. As many people to love behind BBS bubble, actually tested, outdated forum signature has basically lost the effect, because each person to go out is very clear, in every reply will have signature links, the weights will undoubtedly be divided. Forum good effects are: Hualong Liangjiang River forum, forum, forum and so on the government of Henan, outside the chain of these forums will bring immeasurable effect.

for a Shanghai dragon r hand, there will certainly be a lot of weight of blog resources, the blog’s value lies in the longer the higher the weight, try to update the blog regularly to protect him in Shanghai the weight of love, with the new station on your blog with links to the the effect is ideal. At present, the weight, the most suitable construction is the NetEase Sina blog, blog, blog.


: the first weight own blog article

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