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Love Shanghai news sources included new statements of web content to do

enterprise station construction, in view of the special nature of the product information, may not be updated every day, more is to update the product information, industry information to replace the contents of the product, the content of the original enterprises difficult to obtain, many will edit and pseudo original outdated industry news, much influence these old news to users originally, users to the site to find the latest product information, but also to see the latest industry information, the site of the content for users is completely meaningless. No matter is to update the product information or industry information, the timeliness of the content of the page is the premise, if the resource of a commonplace talk of an old scholar not to talk about the taste, the user will generate resentment, and not to repeat the contents of spider repeatedly included, more duplicate content, on the website of the impact will increase accordingly.


review: August 28th, the latest statement of love love Shanghai Shanghai news news editors have included hope, the original information content with high quality, matched with the theme of the site itself, it has a certain user awareness and certain scale in its objectives in the field of news sites.

with the demand of high quality information on the Internet, love Shanghai update algorithm, create more high quality, healthy Internet environment. Before the love of Shanghai to crack down on the soft outside the chain, also proposed to crack down on the use of two domain names to do a lot of advertising, low quality content, in order to earn advertising costs, to release a large number of unrelated site content, also love Shanghai clear to crack down on this site. The website in a good location, content theme, site editor should publish relevant content according to the theme of the book, according to the website user keywords >

different search engines website content mechanism is different, the love of Shanghai has been emphasized the content on the website of high quality, the relevance of the theme, that the updated news sources included, and remind the webmaster should know how to optimize the content of the site, to ensure high quality and can more easily be crawling. Not only is the news source site to do the content construction, general industry site also need to improve the content of construction.

for the website editor indispensable website layout tools, many owners may not be too concerned about the contents of the layout, a lot of redundant code page updates later, many font confusion, paragraph style is various, the user is the content format in reading articles before the first sight, messy content format will only cause the user experience low. The common cosmetic industry website, in order to more pages to show site advertising, the article content is frequent in the page, not only lead to the spider grab included difficulties, it is very difficult for users to read, meet site space access speed suck, want to read the full article, is quite difficult. Through the analysis of the data we can see that this site users bounce rate is very high, the low conversion rate of flow.

content layout with the user experience


content subject correlation

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