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Network marketing is the pit Or a trap


a lot of people think that network marketing is everything. But in fact, this sentence is wrong, even if the network marketing do better, not a marketing promotional products, after all but a gimmick. I have a deep experience of millet, I was the first one to buy millet mobile phone in our dormitory, I bought the 1S millet youth version grab three times to grab, why choose millet mobile phone? Because I put the millet mobile phone and other mobile phone parameters were compared at the time, price is the most high, then. 2S 2A, millet, red rice, millet 3, red rice NOTE, our dormitory has become the home of millet, hot Rice noodles fancier, although my mobile phone for almost two years, but I still don’t want to eliminate the wishes of.

brand is formed? What is the brand? Brand is a mark of distinction, which is a comprehensive reflection of all network marketing behavior, but also reflects the long time, the homogenization of the product requirements of brand will influence consumer behavior; consciousness; promote consumers to buy the next line. The existence of a product to achieve the subconscious of consumers on the OK. How to make a brand? First I think it must be a good product, by strengthening the unified image, repeat the show in front of the user.

Just imagine why the success of millet

I just contact new network marketing for three days, the three day after listening to the teacher to explain more or less on the network marketing have some understanding and ideas, in the Internet era, more and more popular network marketing has attracted people’s attention, and this kind of marketing is a low cost, high efficiency characteristics have been the majority of marketers love.

. Many people will Tucao millet buying patterns, the so-called hunger marketing, it is because of this? Why Meizu is also in such a way, why not fire millet or millet? After all products so that consumers have the patience to wait and even grab several times are not willing to continue to wait and grab. Lei Jun millet this brand did not do it, "

I first talked about "the four words network marketing", in a word, with the "camp" in the sales network. " " camp; technology is the marketing method, use of the Internet platform, the final point and purpose or sales (benefit). Bill Gates said in twenty-first Century may not have business to do, the only thing is the electronic commerce, which is the core of e-commerce network marketing. The main content of the network marketing is the promotion of the website, we choose the marketing practices in the first place according to the characteristics of attention and personal hobbies and good corporate website, our goal is to make the enterprise benefit, what benefits? Of course is our customer, we should put their customers into loyal customers, so as to profit maximization. After that, what follow-up sales, sales promotion are easier to seize the customer psychology, to get the trust, you can sell more stuff to the customer, the low cost or no cost to maximize the exaggerated sales and increase profits, Why not??

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