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To investigate the role of TAG in website optimization

dream weaving system (dedecms) the open source has been one of the most Webmaster Station with, in many domestic open source program, dream weaving system is doing the best in terms of optimization, so many people will choose to use it to the station. The root directory Tags.php this article is placed on the site, we all know the file directory more shallow, search engine to give the weight is different, too much weight directory is very low, so the theory on the root directory files are placed on the website under the most conducive to the optimization. But that is impossible. When the spider crawling website in the first document, from the root directory, so the first to find the file is the home page, robots file, tag file, the tag tag can crawl the entire station page article page. So I think TAG page is the entrance of the spider crawling.

tag label Sina blog set



The Figure


but the general enterprise stand without tag tag, this is not surprising. Because a lot of enterprise website program is developed, the programmer does not take this into account, so some people will say that is not included tag tags article pages. The Tag tag seems useless, in fact very much this question. There are a lot of friends will make Shanghai Longfeng such a web site analysis: for example, a rival site, not its H1 page, even separated title character are wrong. But there are good rankings, so he said these things on the optimization of the H1 tag doesn’t work, simply put the H1 ignored. This logic is wrong, Shanghai dragon must do a good job details. How to add an article TAG

tag tag from the title of the article or the expansion of the title, the number is generally 1-3. Tag tag is a generalization of the main idea of the article is: two to see the original article from the perspective of UE, we can extract several suitable tag Tags: original articles, user experience. The two tag tag is equivalent to the keywords of this article, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice might trouble, when do the chain or update the site, often.

Figure two: the

: a tags.php file in the root directory of the site under

in Shanghai Longfeng of our TAG tags are not unfamiliar, when outside the chain to fill out the TAG label, update the website, if you are using dedecms, WordPress and other open source program. The TAG tag is an essential function program, why an article to add YAG tags? What is the role of the TAG label? How to set up an article TAG label? About the usage of TAG, today to discuss together with everybody, here is the file directory structure of dedecms:

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