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Novice collection a few website snapshot update guess

website content

website content is king, the chain for the king is about bad things, but the essence of it not being discovered, many Shanghai dragon Er still in the endless course, pseudo original, pseudo original can also move the snapshot of the update, but the original is too low is not meant to have a high-quality content. The tip of the iceberg for the Fuzhou modern obstetrics and gynecology hospital this website, like many websites, based on the pseudo original snapshot, but always keep in a week, and included poor, love Shanghai spider is only 1000 more every day. To May 23rd, the original article began operation, the second day Shanghai spider rose more than 10000, of course, does not rule out the love sea just after 520 adjustments, but after May 30th with the updated snapshot of the love of Shanghai. But if you do not encounter love Shanghai this ventilation period, then the site snapshot can be updated to the latest still undetermined number?. But the tip of the iceberg that love Shanghai to the original value has been unprecedented enhancement, pseudo original will gradually lose power.

guess 2: update the

recently love Shanghai algorithm of continuous adjustment, for the medical website is good, because most of the Shanghai love snapshot update to the latest, breaking the medical industry snapshot update slow practice. The following conjecture may Shanghai dragon Er feel very familiar, but Shanghai dragon Er does not necessarily deep thinking.

increase the import link, the most direct and effective way is to buy Links, Links to love Shanghai domain? Obviously not, but why can enhance the love of Shanghai? The reason is that the purchase of the site generally have a higher weight and a new snapshot, and keeps a group of hard-working spider, import link to stimulate your website snapshot. But some websites exchange a lot of new snapshot of Links cannot lead to snapshot update it? In addition to the site itself, is the love of Shanghai is a snapshot of the new spider but not necessarily diligent, so understanding search engines do not be deceived by appearances.

guess 1: love Shanghai algorithm

guess 3: import links increase

love Shanghai recently more action, big update from May 20th to adjust the snapshot to the end of May, fell in love with the sea can predict there will be a big action. In May 20th the algorithm adjustment mainly is huge fluctuations in rankings, this is not the focus of this article is to describe the view, but the tip of the iceberg of this is the love of Shanghai maximum matching segmentation on the upgrade, other details. In May 30th, the medical industry site (other industries do not have universal snapshot observation) to update the website, and many articles appeared in terms of the situation, this phenomenon for a medical website for example, engaged in medical site of the Shanghai dragon know, after medical snapshot is the basic snapshot of a week, the mainstream view is medical the same rate is high, and the sensitive word may. So love is the cause of the Shanghai algorithm to update the snapshot update, should be located in the first of many reasons.

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