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Observation entrepreneurs can learn what MSN fiascoWhere is your credit union nine wins

MSN is a first in order to fight against AOL, ISP Internet Service Provider, equivalent to the Internet access service service Microsoft subsidiary, AOL has a AIM, Microsoft launched a MSN Messenger Service to increase user stickiness. Did not expect >

when you saw this article, MSN was permanently frozen by Microsoft except in china. When it comes to its present situation, it is to let people feel great: you and I are witnessing it once brilliant, "something hanging MSN" in the same year is a symbol of white-collar workers; it has now become a chicken ribs close to application, and even became a high incidence of fraud.

you look at this article Webmaster: such a thing happened, who is not willing to be parties, please look at the friend, please stretch out your hand, help top up, we look down, look at the nine wins alliance is how to treat the matter, see nine wins alliance is the turtle is honesty. In addition, I will thank you very much for your patience.

MSN’s business operations, but I just entered Microsoft not long, around 2006, Microsoft established a branch in Shanghai, MSN global research and development, the overall development is part of a special cut to China to do in Xujiahui, the Hong Kong exchange square. There are more than 300 people, the division of labor is very thin, light a "login" function, taking into account a variety of circumstances, and finally hundreds of people to do. Compare MSN to an aircraft carrier, it needs a whole battle group, and there must be frigates and helicopters on the side. The Chinese team is equivalent to a frigate.

this guest "product" column guest is "touch treasure" founder Wang Jialiang and "push" founder Fang Yi.

advertising alliance is a faith-based, customer first alliance.

is now the winter of the Internet, everyone’s life is not good, it is at this moment can reflect the integrity of the valuable. I shouted honesty, honesty nine win, when the real test comes, you don’t do the tortoise, give us these Adsense a faith-based action.


current observer Wang Jialiang

former Microsoft employees, touch treasure founder

I don’t understand the alliance, also need to have an understanding of time account, not vague excuses. I was nine wins the union staff but for a month, I just couldn’t help write the article to call.

! It is said that nine wins ?

Microsoft’s move in China is hoping to turn MSN into Windows8’s entrance. Yes, for Chinese users, the relationship that has been deposited has not disappeared. But as a witness of its ups and downs, what do we need to do? What’s the inspiration of the "Cup" in MSN?

I don’t know much about

Wang Jialiang, Microsoft employee. Although he did not work for the MSN team at Microsoft, he was worried about MSN’s global research and development division, located in Shanghai, near him. For the old owner’s products, he believes that MSN’s problems are in the details, and MSN and ‘s fight, and now achievements in China’s Internet field top experts – Tencent’s first, perhaps the only counter attack.

diagram 1:

I am dizzy, that is the truth, the person in charge of nine wins alliance, you dare to stand up and tell us the webmaster, your model is so. Your honesty is such? Companies owe you money, you can we owe money right!? manufacturers don’t trust, you can not talk about the credibility of commitment!? what month week end, it is that!? honesty, customer first is this

Fang Yi, many start-ups, has launched products, including mobile phone preparation, a letter, a push, a push has just been celebrated, more than two hundred million users". He was very outspoken, in the WeChat group had publicly molested Ma Huateng. Coincidentally, on the PC side, MSN lost to Tencent; in the mobile terminal, his "letter" to the Tencent WeChat. He and MSN used to have the same opponents and they both failed.

but I had 1 months of nine wins advertising alliance, December two thousand dollars to 1 cents to return now. I know other Adsense more miserable, some 2 months of advertising costs have been in arrears. I’ve been looking for them for 1 months, and I don’t have a clear answer, always excuse me.

, a person in charge told me today that the manufacturers owe their money and they will try to recover their debts and then be part of the payment team. Also hope that the webmaster understand if you don’t understand, I don’t need to endure until today, this article, ask your alliance who understand me, also said that if I don’t believe, you can ask the manufacturer directly. It is not you can make, let manufacturers give money how I feel as if I were to do as soon as possible, direct advertisers advertising, but I am in nine wins Alliance 9V under the effect of the first ad.

, the data is not easy to reveal, see, forgive,


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