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Lu Songsong concern in several segments of Shanghai Dragon

with the development of mobile Internet, the rise of the domestic APP shops, the promotion of APP has become a very popular area, but in a few years ago, the APP app store has just started, Shanghai did not like the love that can monopolize a field site, so early APP promotion is by wide net, implant, brush ranking method.


is the first principle of product information, the description of the natural search volume principle;

in the first half of this year, Taobao announced the Shanghai dragon three rules:

in recent years, Shanghai dragon has not only is the search engine of Shanghai longfeng. Each platform, each set of system are more or less have a search system of their own, to say a small zblog, WP search, to say a big Taobao, micro-blog has a search ranking rules and search engines are becoming more and more diversified, so this paper will introduce, in addition to search engines, the development of other Shanghai dragon field platform.

in the early days, the traditional Taobao Shanghai dragon by optimizing the baby title, category, timeframe and so on to get good rankings. In addition to including a Amoy category search optimization, optimization, Taobao optimization and so on, we also call it the Taobao station free traffic development, that is from the free flow of Taobao station maximum, a skill to sales of baby.

third principles, auxiliary information support principle;

until now there are many sellers that title is all Taobao Shanghai dragon, this is now very one-sided. So with the development of the electricity supplier industry, Taobao Shanghai dragon will become more and more attention, while the ecological environment is closed.

Taobao Shanghai dragon, I think this is the future in addition to love outside of Shanghai’s most popular Shanghai dragon direction. Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon and Taobao Shanghai biggest difference is that a dragon is in order to obtain the flow, in order to sell a baby.



1: Taobao Shanghai dragon

second principles, flow activation ranking principle;


The development of

but now it is different, in addition to the apple store, APP store has been born several giants, such as pea pods, 360 mobile phone assistant, 91 assistant store etc.. The app store has a key field, although does not affect the search results, but the title is very important, APP think it’s title page hosted on the title and URL, and the effect of key words related to the application. In the application in the name of your brand to highlight the most important writing App program name, description, made according to user search habits.

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