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Zhang Qing where is the road of Shanghai dragon er

chain of the Commissioner, the primary Shanghai dragon er


in my opinion, I is the most promising in this way, the transformation of multi products. As I know, Jia Xuelong, only 18 years old, good children, their own way, do is key to their products, bring a lot of income, at the time of a month is to enter above 1W. In my opinion, the most relaxed Shanghai Longfeng money mode, or find a lucrative product, through the keywords related to the product.


in Shanghai Longfeng

keyword ranking, network optimization

as the name suggests, the Commissioner of the chain is the most primary work, send the URL chain, send keywords chain, the current domestic Shanghai Longfeng optimized market, basically senior Shanghai dragon Er hired Shanghai dragon Er those primary to the hair of the chain, of course, you may start is happy. To earn money, but feel more and more boring, you only need to know the chain should do the basic work to be completed. Well, rich experience in the package included a day, hundreds of the chain manual be nothing difficult of more than 100 yuan a day, the income is not strange, the so-called industry specializing in surgery, the chain to a variety of rich extreme is the same. But the prospects are not in this kind of work is too long, the chain is a simple job, as long as some basic thinking after they can do, or will be more cost-effective to get outside the chain, the price will be more and more low, a large number of the chain was not necessarily good.

gives customers a website, you according to the corresponding keywords, competitor analysis site, all prices, fees, commitment to customer site keywords do the first three or the first, this way is the intermediate Shanghai Longfeng work to be done, of course, is also a huge reward. Usually the keyword ranking fee standard is set by keyword search index, each index charges ten yuan, if the keyword index is 300, then the charge is about 3000, in addition to other Google requirements out of the price, this is the keyword ranking fees, of course, Shanghai dragon received such list is not it looks good to earn, will worry about the maintenance of the website every day. Shanghai dragon to need to plan well in advance according to the plan, adhere to the implementation of basic can complete the task.

In my opinion

search engine optimization, the word has been in the webmaster heart ingrained, all the people as long as it relates to the website, selling products, brand know Shanghai Longfeng, all want to further understand the Shanghai dragon, the most important fact there are still a lot of people want to make money through Shanghai Longfeng, where is the Shanghai dragon Er future


Shanghai dragon transition products

Er Shanghai Longfeng road is still relatively broad. I have the following analysis.


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