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Let be K site included fast recovery


K is a website by webmasters are met, some K hurried to the forum posts scolding father swore. While some cool station will be to analyze why the site will be K, what is the reason why the search engine or its website. The latter with the recovery rate of the former is greatly different, because the latter are carefully analyzed, 90% can find the reason and improvement. Those who criticize the father just Aguirre waste time trying to get sympathy. Don’t do anything. Relatively, since this complaining time why do not check the website? Most of the search engine will not stand because K It is without rhyme or reason., your site appears the wrong thing! Well, said so much below that of how fast recovery method.

again is the construction of the chain. Why do the chain. We all know this, the purpose is to lead the spider to stop, just stop spiders have included may be re. If you just add content and not the chain of words, like deep alley wine, because wine alley deep, can float out? So the chain is to make wine a transport channel. The chain is to pay attention to, such as extensive, where you’ve done, then I advise you open another path to go elsewhere. Do not hang on a tree, before those spiders do go tired, do not increase the number of new road, let the spider to take the risk, how can he love to

first check your website is there not something legitimate. For example, being hung dark chain, horse, keywords obvious stack, hidden links etc.. These have one check. The website is to give people more harm to the hanging chain and dark horse. The website also tried this, is the first day of the horse is not what reaction, second days of recording and snapshot is still good, but the nightmare came on the third day. Included all is zero, no snapshot. After a series of tests found that the original is to hang on the home page, not only because of their code, so ZhengZhan delete, re transmission code. This results in a week are not included. So, do the inspection work is the key, do not let any one small details, the details might bring to the site in fatal injury.

finally if the above steps are done not back.

then, after checking the site, is to add new blood. The new website is the content of blood. In the period of K the best time every day regularly add original content, note the emphasis here is on the original, original, original. Even the pseudo original. By the K, to re included, to search engine to love. Original content is the search engine is the most love, match up, to a more rapid closer relationship with each other. For example, you send the two articles of the original article today, so a week will regularly send on time every day, and at what time, do I recommend, time is around 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. the two time.

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