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Mobile phone website should be how to do the optimization of Shanghai Dragon


on the mobile Internet, users are most concerned about traffic? Well, if you do a website is an open video, flash, pop, users will feel terrible, you might think that takes the user unaware on your website traffic, but if there is a hardcore fans have been looking at you the web site, but because your site cost too much traffic, not to the end of the month did not flow, do you think this thing is good or bad. In technical terms, Apple products do not support the Flash function, a large part of the intelligent mobile phone.



mobile Internet, you also have to squeeze into the mobile website, mobile site can be said to be a nice work, so now do the mobile website, that ultimately is the nature of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, at the end of PC on your website may have ranked in a word but, in the mobile search engine, you will not show the priority ranking, don’t say these things, we need to first look at the search engine, which is this year’s mobile search engine usage share.

Most of

the other is negligible, we focus our attention on the love of Shanghai, because he was in the mobile search engine’s share is more than 79%, if the obsessive friends can also try to optimize Google, 360 search, like, oh no, forget what a search engine, to see what is in the search young, we do not account for the inclusion of data, enter the key, we need some things which do

The launch of

‘s mobile web site is a two level domain name or a two column to do mobile web site, in fact this is not scientific, imagine you publish an article, there are two URL content as like as two peas even if you are the one, the original articles, it will not become pseudo original? Consider the Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the original and pseudo original gap is very big! So, if conditions permit, make recommendations or mobile site automatic response, such as my blog, you try to see the browser function is enlarged, change is not according to the resolution website there is also little.


three, avoid the cost of user traffic

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mobile web site we can understand as a micro website, based on micro site, we do not need to do such a complex website (special exception), so in the code can be simple and simple, and the user is not to see you at the website Web site code more complex network stations and more beautiful, but look at your site you can find the answer he wanted in the shortest time. The second is usually the case of mobile phone browser PC browser is not so strong, that is to say not every JS in the mobile web site can be resolved, if not the browser resolves users with one of your JS, it is not to see the mess? There is a very serious problem, when users of the 2G network, if you put the site to do so complex, one thirty while loading should come out of

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