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Study on the Shanghai dragon final is to strive for good user experience

so early, our webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er is a simple considering how to quickly improve website ranking, but after the website rankings do go up, must from the perspective of the user experience, if the website ranking is up, but the visitors stay time is short, the website PV is lower, then the result ranking will not be too high search ranking, generally difficult to lasting, reflect the website is not ideal in the hearts of users in a certain extent, the search engine will not be too much in favor of your website. But this time if you can stand in the perspective of the user experience, naturally, there is often a return visitor, the residence time will be very long, the ranking will come up, the search engine will naturally think the site is very popular with users love, search engine will put you in a good position, and ranking last a long time. Because in the process of development of the search engine, when the search engine company in technology, more is to consider how to meet the user’s experience, so you can either love Shanghai or Google, their user experience do better.

many people or practitioners in the eyes of the "Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon" simple understanding or initial idea is how we through technical means or artificial efforts to improve the site in the search engine’s natural ranking, achieve accurate search users by ranking to improve, so as to realize the process of website profit. If further in-depth analysis, I ask you: what is the basic website ranking to get stable and lasting? I believe that many owners or Shanghai dragon Er will see light suddenly! – a website in order to get a lasting and stable ranking, is bound to the website user experience will be very good. Of course, there is no absolute 100%, but a user experience very good website, his ranking general can not go wrong. So, the website of Shanghai dragon and website user experience is closely linked our nature.

I have a feeling for different periods, Shanghai Longfeng study and research will have a different understanding, just like people with age, many of the original did not realize that things will slowly be enlightened by the years. I like in the study and research of Shanghai dragon two years, wrote more than 150 articles, articles of different periods for Shanghai dragon understanding is different, like ZAC in the book of the same understanding today. Today I talk about the Dragon between Shanghai and the user experience and understanding.

The two day of

village in line so no power at home, not the Internet can only end book to read. Just buy a ZAC before the "Shanghai dragon combat code" have no time to see, so please use the power to learn about file. So today the theme of "Research on Shanghai Longfeng ranking will eventually turn to make the user experience" is actually from the book ZAC the ZAC in the book also mentioned several times to learn Shanghai dragon is the fact that eventually get a good user experience and service of such a view, this view is a little strange, at first glance, but a careful analysis ZAC said, there is reason in Qingdao Shanghai dragon also agree with him.

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