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The chain and site of various forms of interest

this link can click to enter the site, compared to the first kind of the chain, the chain quality is much higher to the site weight ascension also took an important role, if a soft Wen can appear in the form of a link, but also by a large number of websites reproduced, no doubt on the site to enhance the weight to take an important role, but the weight of keywords ranking in the form of tension, often the effect is not so obvious.

recently found a high weight site down, traffic is greatly reduced, the website keywords ranking is also great as in the past, the reasons leading to this situation. I think it’s too led to the proliferation, because many of them are others reproduced, or placed multiple anchor text links directly, and website management and not too strictly, before many Er release for Shanghai dragon chain perfect, because it is due to high weight, can do almost the state of the second, now the site weight decreased, it is difficult to be included, just an article URL to love Shanghai to see, immediately prompted "sorry, related to" bbs.***贵族宝贝/bbs/thread-2595138-1-1.html "page not found. You can directly access the bbs.***贵族宝贝/bbs/thread-2595138-1-1.html, can be found on the website of state.

chain effect is better than the first one, but also on the website of the damage to the general site, will not easily let you have this form of link, unless your article quality is very high, the administrator may give you a high quality link, once a large number of sites such as fruit export this link that will cause the website weight decreased significantly.

The chain of

text form we should be familiar with the submission, the webmaster of common A5, Chinaz soft, is generally the only YISHION text links appear in the form of the surface, such as the original article by www.***贵族宝贝, the mouse can not click to enter the site, the chain in the form of personal feel the general effect, but because of the reprinted by the quantity, the chain was reproduced more naturally, on the website of the effect is increased; the link to website damage degree is still relatively small, have high quality articles to add support, website can only increase weight continuously. The chain of this form I think is a win-win outcome, is beneficial to both sides website.

a good website is love Shanghai right down, people will certainly carry out a full range of management to the website, for example, now a lot of the chain post was closed, his old account has been closed, it can be seen that a website is to strengthen management, even more powerful website will be down the right. Here’s what some form of the influence of the chain on the site.

The chain

This form of

3, the anchor text form

2, URL to link the form

1, pure text links

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