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Right down the website how to restore ranking analysis and operation diagnosis

: a common cause of right down frequently change the titleThe

3, spaceThe stability of

so that the change time of website content, attention must be paid to the relevant account page keywords and content in advance and, once found, was down the right, to get to the good relationship, and then wait for the recovery of ranking. The recovery period is generally 4-8 weeks

this is a normal phenomenon, the new trust degree is low, generally do not give a ranking, ranking just began to, because the new chance

2: yesterday, the ranking is very good, today the rankings off, immediately judged right down

we should learn to find out why website right down, so we know how to solve the problem of an antidote against the disease. The general factors causing the site to drop the right 14, these factors will lead to different degrees in the web page points, serious search engine will be deleted site, overall drop right

website as long as the title change, search engine will be penalized according to the severity, and the matching problem is mainly correlation. If you modify the title to relevant variation and incomplete matching results will inevitably lead to the decline in ranking

website down right refers to the search engine on site assessment level drops, is a kind of punishment on the search engine website, causing the site overall ranking drop. Usually for the website itself to correct the error of cheating, after a period of time to restore

1: the site was built under the age of 1 months, included rankings, ranking disappeared again after a few days.


directly determines the quality of the page space judgment, the space is not stable, the search engine that page quality and experience worse, then give the page score worse for keywords ranking.


the content of the page changes, will directly affect the correlation between keywords and page and matching. If the web page has done a lot of content changes, at the same time, and the correlation is not good, it will be down the right search engine

but we should pay attention to is: not any time the website ranking drop down right for judgment. For example, the following circumstances, not necessarily right down the website:

The stability of


but if the title after the modification, and the correlation is unchanged, and the title of the competition is reduced, the short term floating keyword ranking is normal, but the long-term will be beneficial to the page keyword ranking

each week love Shanghai will be updated, the update process will inevitably be injured, this time often in the next cycle will resume the rankings, so just one or two days to see the ranking changes, is difficult to judge is not really being right down

2, page content changes

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