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Examples of Web site analysis how to make enterprise web content to do more grades

business enterprise is one of the important daily work in the enterprise manufacturing industry in addition to skating, compared with the industry, because it belongs to sports, so, in the playground, there are many places skating can write the contents of the roller skating has certain restrictions on the site, although in the square, the road can be skating however, the square was occupied and aunt on the highway, traffic safety coefficient is low. Because the roller skating heats up, some of the city began building a large skating venue, and skating venues hosted leisure fitness places like events, training, training, exchange of roller skating, in some city, such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Beidaihe, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hefei City, Changchun skating hall also has hosted the international.

enterprise website in Shanghai Longfeng optimized content update, often around the keywords, focusing on the company and dynamic company products, and the updated content is short. Update company website is a long-term work, if the content is only around the company to do not look into the industry or a higher position, so the enterprise website content update will be two cases, one is more write to more feel no content can write, another is the enterprise web content too limits of the enterprise itself, is not conducive to improving the site quality of an enterprise, only standing on the height of the industry to become bigger and stronger, so should the enterprise website, so enterprise website content updates do more grades? The skating website to explore how to do industry website update as an example.

, a focus on industry news, real-time coverage of


, of course, for the website, not all the events are content updates, but these events should be concerned about the city, including Suzhou’s national speed skating championships, Beidaihe skating Festival, has hosted the world cup in Haining. More influential for these roller sports and city competition, in the era of Internet information, skating website stands on the professional point of view to do content, visit the website will attract users search through the network channels.

any enterprise website belonging to an industry, the industry can cause the most roller skating enthusiasts is greatly under the roller skating competition. When it comes to skating competitions, almost all over the country held large and small not hundreds of times, and some even have the characteristics of sport event scale, standardization, fashion, and national small roller skating event directly to the joining roller skating enthusiasts, so as to let more people love skating.

roller skating in physical exercise, because of its entertainment, sports, fashion and other characteristics, in the number of young people’s participation in more and more, a roller skating website, whether it is to do brand promotion, or product marketing, website content update cannot do without. There are many skating website content updates direction, now many subjects choose the direction and you love skating webmaster share:

two, the business content written

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