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Shanghai Longfeng project why website promotion flow decreased

in the process of Shanghai dragon project execution, we often encounter this kind of situation: keyword rankings, traffic has declined. At first glance, this is indeed a bit awkward, face the challenge of customers, how should we respond?

problem must be solved, the question now is: understanding can be disguised patients had medication is not effective, is not to continue to use. A jargon, originally developed by the Shanghai dragon strategy is useful, whether there will be a new strategy to help traffic rose. In fact, as patients, is very disgusted with the doctor prescribe medicine indiscriminately, or a drug taking several courses of treatment has no effect at all, but also dressing. This is the doctor as most avoid doing the same, as Shanghai Longfeng Consultant / Project Manager, at the beginning of the development of Shanghai dragon strategy must be careful, careful analysis, through the website of the other side in the end is what kind of a situation and then gives the project, do not shoot the head to do something. Once the strategy, can not be changed, if you are in the project implementation process while doing this, found no effect.


clients are focused on the flow down the matter itself, rather than the relationship between the flow and the keywords ranking.

in fact, not only influence the website of Shanghai Longfeng flow and keywords ranking, there are many objective factors, such as the quantity / paid advertising in the form of change, change the search trends, changes in the home before ten site, improve the site description, increase the content of the web site, Aladdin content, negative news and other channels to promote effect of the amount of retrieval, traffic incidents and so on and so on all of these effects can go / carve SERP home page, so the simple keyword ranking rise or fall is not fully explain the increase of the flow rate is reduced or the Shanghai dragon.

, of course, is not the purpose of persuading customers is the key to solve the problem. In fact, the customer is not to understand how many keywords ranking and flow relationship, he did not have the elegant leisure and you go to engage in these, he really care about is the flow down the matter itself, so how to alleviate the customer is our focus on flow decreased anxiety.

strategies can not be changed, can adjust the local

of Shanghai Longfeng flow factors


approach is correct, we can talk about what to do next, we need to express our understanding the client’s feelings, stand in the customer perspective will give you in convincing customers level points; secondly, we should take the professional angle to comfort customers: traffic decline is a very the common things, from the previous project experience, no traffic is the way to triumph has been going up, this sentence to give customers the feeling as if you have a fever to see a doctor, the doctor said to you, this disease is very common problem, not too nervous, give you some medicines ok. This sounds like a patient would feel a lot of customers as well.

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