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Really good new idea of website optimization you have to see


website optimization Shanghai dragon has entered a new journey, not in the chain is the only release, the update of the work. Is a comprehensive curriculum, is the ideal and the reality of the coexistence of things. Perhaps before you do site optimization, keywords layout design several websites have may get good rankings. When doing the lottery to buy website optimization system, I design several keywords layout, site is just on the line to get good rankings, but the time is very short, less than 2 days to maintain the ranking will not. Site of the Shanghai dragon need to accumulate data continuously and analyze data and execute again in the judgment, now Shanghai Longfeng work need to make long-term preparation for.

execution optimization judgment optimization

is about to perform the optimization scheme analysis and optimization, close the ability to analyze problems, the execution is not empty talk. Practice is the best criterion of truth. Perform optimization work includes the surface is very wide, but pays great attention to the details of things, in the process of implementation, to do detailed work, check the website loopholes, Yong Yu code, website interface design, perfect debugging environment running web server. Before the optimization of lottery together to buy the system, the content of the website is not very rich I on the line, such as the update of the content is empty, I think it’s time the update is increasing gradually, the consequences is that the site’s ranking has been not to come.


is about to determine optimal line on the website after the promotion of the website, according to the promotion, to determine optimal situation, do the appropriate adjustment. Website optimization method is not the same level, we need to optimize the work of a period of judgment, if it is not a good optimization effect, to the decision to give up. In the www.7i> system to buy lottery tickets


analysis is the beginning of the optimization of website construction began, from the analysis of the establishment of the angle of analysis from the industry, competitors, analysis of user search habits etc.. Through the auction industry, Shanghai love index on the website optimization keywords analysis, and then determine the theme keywords and long tail keywords. Shanghai Longfeng work can do not need to have the programmer programming ability, ability of professional designers, but still need to understand the basic code. Do optimization work lottery together to buy the system, the optimization analysis is very important, once the data deviation, keywords and positioning is not accurate, will bring a series of problems in the later stage of the work.

often hear the webmaster feedback, today my website ranking drop very much, today I website ranking suddenly rose. Here I want to tell you that Shanghai Longfeng work is not every day with the site monitoring tool for investigation, pay attention to some of the core keywords ranking. Sometimes the core keywords rise, not because of you, love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, will affect the keywords ranking.

website optimization new ideas including analysis and optimization, execution optimization, optimization, optimization of the long-term judgment.

analysis and optimization

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