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The brand publicity Shanghai library Love Charm

, a control library upload time


if 100 viewers can have 1 people to remember our LOGO, we won the 1 brand value. And download the document is likely to enter our website through our LOGO link, which the brand promotion plays a certain effect. Then we came to cast a wide net in library propaganda way, which makes us LOGO let more people remember observed. And library browsing volume will increase with time, which makes our way is long, this is our brand publicity for the Shanghai library love charm. The above is from the graduation design (贵族宝贝bycxlw贵族宝贝/) of some experience of brand promotion, the hope can help to you.

many people think the library review time is too long, sometimes several months, even the need for more than 1 years. Waiting time is so horrible, but also scared off a group of people. Then this is the truth? In fact, there is a library of audit time, usually at 8:30 in the morning to at 11 o’clock this time. The author is in this period of time every day to upload 20 documents, and the rate is at least 18 here, and the next day through the audit. The following is the September library brand publicity shots:

three, love the charm of Shanghai library

we see an article always look down from the beginning, the total can not start the middle or from the bottom to the top of it, even if there are a few people, that is the offbeat. In this case, we should make good use of this header for brand promotion. There is nothing more than to their LOGO into the header, and then link to the website pictures. Of course, we can also be combined with the way to enrich the header. But I think, mainly to the header LOGO suddenly we should promote more appropriate. The following is the upload document header:



I personally feel that the best is to reach Shanghai Longfeng brand, a name can make yourself become a brand how it is a powerful event. Now as we mentioned A5, we know it is a station network, of course the optimization of the A5 itself is also in place. So we want to build the brand in China, where to begin? And the need to use what resources? Here I love Shanghai library to share the experience of brand promotion.

in the deal we upload resources, we see the love Shanghai library to our surprise:


two, use upload document header

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