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The analysis of viral marketing case

virus The carrier of

virus body is product related materials including text, pictures, video, e-books, let everybody can vividly see the news, touched everyone’s mind, there is an impact, iPhone4 marketing is not only the use of Apple products to bring you the appearance of impact force but also with high-tech features to iPhone4 outstanding product chain + performance advantages to create a good product, we should be good at mining product highlights, selling point, choose a good product that the marketing is half success.

We all know that

virus is very important, the article was posted to the platform which has the best effect, which platform people are interested in this information can help us unlimited communication, which platform can magnify the news hype the news, the well-known iPhone4 platform instant the incident spread, good product good events are better platform to load, if others can not see, it is a good marketing plan is of no use, so the carrier is also very important.


above is viral marketing steps, we can in the specific expansion, according to the promotion of products, the release of 贵族宝贝ddb8贵族宝贝 in Feifei reading pen, please keep the connection

promotion programs in the promotion of products before we want good products, product innovation, bright spot, can let the news of an issue with the virus spread, with the help of iPhone4 carrier news platform, some iPhone4 crazy events, spread quickly from the source for the virus, instant virus source, build the successful marketing events.


iPhone4 recently very fire, we have been in the newspaper, on the network to see a lot of news about iPhone4, there was a fight for iPhone4, the more shameful is necessarily someone one of his kidneys sold in order to buy iPhone4, it makes people poor, hateful, ridiculous, these examples let us in the moment the news passes on ten, ten hundred to spread, do a viral advertisement for the iPhone4, let iPhone4 the number of advertisements on the Internet life spread, iPhone4 is a good example of viral marketing, with the following specific steps you to introduce the virus marketing operation:

, a ready

three, prepared virus vector

two, prepared for the virus source

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