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Webmaster want to learn mining needs to take a different road

demand is diversity, so we said above is the real needs of users of the

dominant users through keywords, but implicit demand and not all people can see, so we should as much as possible to the implicit demand mining user.

we must find these, we can really put the words make up. For example, car home to meet the price, performance and other car pictures, but also to meet the needs of explicit and implicit demand exchange. That’s not all requirements are fulfilled? It is impossible.

why a lot of people chasing the girlfriend? Because you do not have to put myself in her thinking, to meet the needs of her heart. You know she say and think is not the same, mind is usually not easily displayed, this is going to be your own sense of propriety, to recognize the fact.

then how do we know the needs of the users? A, in Shanghai love to search a word cable box, we input a word, a drop-down box will appear, the drop-down box will display the user demand; B, in search of the bottom of the page there will be a "search", here also disclose the needs of users; C, in the search home page ranking websites also revealed the user’s demand.


demand is divided into explicit and implicit demand demand. The dominant needs of users will be displayed through the search engine, but the recessive demand is the objective existence of user needs, but also do not speak out directly.


3, the data will tell us what

well, the car home page you hit a car each, are the same set of the same template the same layout, but we know the specific needs of each car actually has its own personality, and this is a large site unified layout, this is their advantage, is precisely their weaknesses. There are so many cars, so car home is no way to the specific settings for each car on each page, because human capital cost is too expensive! If you can do personalized display, perhaps is a breakthrough point.

we do Shanghai dragon to have such an idea: all the words are not possible to meet the needs of users, can only be temporarily satisfied.

2, what the user needs are not being met

? We can meet the demand of

if you only from the drop-down box and related recommendation data obtained user needs, you can not go beyond the first.

why the difference? This is because each of us should study, only through competition and comparison, through mining the user is more conducive to our path of differentiation, and thus beyond the competitors.

1, the first consideration is to find the demand, we need to understand the competition, know the needs of users, to know that we can be better to satisfy our customers.

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