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Why not change the long term website ranking


competition is too strong

can only say a network company (Shanghai dragon company, or all of the company), before signing said: what is absolutely convenient as if it were raining flowers optimization, the price is cheap, the original program, and thoughtful service. Well, after the two sides signed the position change, not conscientious. Plus your no good planning, finally sites do not satisfied. You know, now the keywords ranking good site must be good.

, are excuses. Things to do well, or you’re not good enough. What do you do every day, love Shanghai very clearly. Think of the past few years, most people haven’t done the same job? I should say it is Shanghai dragon, put it bluntly is writing every day outside the chain. Most sadly, many people will only be called Shanghai dragon skills, you can know that this may be the 2008 tutorial. What title, what H label, what anchor link, what ALT is really right? Now, there are people who write articles without too much of the anchor, the anchor text also began to pay attention to. Shanghai dragon, to use the brain, this is not the task of technology.

4, the site is too excessive optimization

network optimization is generally good people to do the work, do the webmaster who is not full of patience? Because in this industry, we know that the most need is Jingxiaxinlai to a similar job. For our purposes, is very important, but why do website ranking, website ranking has been so long what changes? Here from the inside to the outside of a comprehensive analysis, the author hopes.

5, standing outside the promotion

One man sows and another reaps., is a common thing in Shanghai dragon industry. Even, Shanghai dragon staff leave, the company went bankrupt, the company website ranking very strong. Many people find, ranking good site or even a year issued an article, have to say this is the love of Shanghai said it focus on user experience. Shanghai Longfeng optimization, not 35 months will be able to explain what, sometimes after a year or more have a big change, is normal.


short time precipitation too serious

day a few sites outside the chain almost, the most sad is to write their own articles from. You know, you write the article, are everywhere on the network itself, only a little of the original elements, and a lot of you are copied to the network, finally lead to a mess. However, those who copy other people "

Three former

you Shanghai Dragon technology is too strong, you can love more than Shanghai product, and each industry that a few giants, as well as some industry network. Now some ranking mechanism, optimization is not natural brand, is not what the insider. Besides, you a person, a novice, better than others, a team of technology. You write an article, I write ten articles, plus has enough to complete the optimization plan.

1, website construction is not good

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