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How to spend the enterprise marketing network marketing bottleneck

companies may have such thinking in the traditional marketing: hire door-to-door salesman to sales, so that sales and enterprise to bring too many calls for saving, not only bring back a customer; however in the network marketing activities need promotion expenses, charges will be used in the process of publicity activities the funds, probably because of business operators to network strange, can not see the success rate of activity, and not the investment promotion, please even the network of water army propaganda is the so-called cheap cost, also need to pay, "bear children, not set the wolf". As a business platform for holiday promotions, a well-known brand of the year sales accounted for more than 10% of the annual sales of enterprises, even the low popularity of the enterprises, holiday promotions can account for 30% or more years of sales.

e-commerce leading enterprises towards the network into the enterprise, but the experience is not the most understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization, some even follow the trend of the establishment of the site, to throw that in no management, no traffic, no IP, no word of mouth marketing, no sales orders, and then the enterprise will enter the bottleneck of the development and the urgent need to breakthrough stage, marketing ideas change and innovation can bring the gospel to the enterprise, but do not know how to operate, whether the traditional marketing or network marketing, will be gone fireworks, not long marketing effect.

knows what needs promotion channels

willing to spend money to make money

network marketing?Why are the bottleneck of

different industry promotion channels are different from others, you can not copy the success of the characteristic to long-term marketing success, many companies can not clear positioning of marketing channels, that successful mode of others and their own paths, can not see the new direction of the industry, blindly follow the footsteps of others to go only, will not stop in the bottleneck period. Such as the IT industry to build the enterprise marketing, participate in the meeting and all over the Internet is a very good promotion channels, win-win cooperation with the conference organizers, Internet Conference members and not your best potential customers, to create a good reputation in the user group, the enterprise Why not?. Enterprises should be able to grasp the customer’s consumption psychology, is good at breaking the conventional thinking, proper to campaign, actively practice innovation, find their own marketing channels, and is the foothold of success.

bold cross-border marketing

enterpriseThe development of

no matter what the industry, what kind of marketing means, will encounter a bottleneck period is normal, "

with the rapid development of Internet, more and more enterprises to join the network, the network marketing of the novel has broken the traditional marketing, network marketing has been able to attract enterprises to participate in, is the network can expand the user groups, to bring more users to the enterprise resources, and ultimately improve the enterprise’s sales order. But the enterprise development to a certain stage will encounter bottleneck, enterprise will how to get out of the bottleneck of

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