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Keywords whether can improve the ranking of repeated title

users, see the website title, the greater possibility of the first choice. The combination of both titles containing keywords but also the integration of modification, it makes people look very comfortable. Good first impression can make people click desire, second title is a hard combination of keywords, from the experience of them is extremely low.


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from a user perspectiveIf I were

as the Shanghai dragon who may be more love after a title, keywords that obvious and easy enough density, optimization. Keywords direct naked put most of Shanghai dragon Er practices in the title, but they ignore a problem. This deliberately repeated words on the website of the experience is good for

analysis of

is the two title in contrast users will be more love? The search engine will be more love


for example to optimize the word construction sites in Chengdu Chengdu Chengdu website web design website design Chengdu Chengdu Shanghai dragon


analysis of

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from the angle of Shanghai Dragon

repeat keywords will lead to spread the weight? Repeated Chengdu GREE air conditioning in the title, but also indirectly disperse word weight. Although the long tail word will have good rankings but will have an impact on the main keywords. There is a law in the process of optimization, the long tail word ranking good, keyword rankings are not necessarily good. When the main keywords ranking is good, it can drive the long tail keywords to achieve good ranking results.

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The first

in Shanghai dragon, the Title Optimization is the core problem in title, repeat keywords can improve the rankings? A lot of Shanghai dragon Er that if repeat Title keywords can increase the importance of the word so that the search engine to determine the importance of the word, to give a good ranking. But some people think that repeat keywords takes up a lot of character influenced other long tail keywords ranking.


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