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On the relationship between love Shanghai snapshot and website page itself time



before writing this article for a long time, I found this problem. As we all know, sometimes we hope in the search, the result is the latest, "such as" web snapshot relationship with time, in the search results will appear a series of relevant search results, of which there are a few years ago the page, but happened to the new needs of users, this time it involves the document time, long ago love Shanghai by search engine spiders crawl time as a snapshot in time and the new document is temporary superior performance in dealing with this problem; but now is not like this, love Shanghai will already time words into the article appeared in the search, we look at the following example:


well, we summarize, and the relationship between love and Shanghai "web page snapshot time itself is not a simple spider crawling time, it is not a simple web page appears, but both decided to lock, if the page generation time, Taiwan will extract the time as the snapshot time love Shanghai, even if the content after the update, this time is also very likely will not change, if the page generated ahead of the current time, then this time will not be incorporated as a snapshot of the time, I tested some pages, home page, cover page, page of the article page snapshot time seems vulnerable to show the influence of time in the page, but the page list depending on the influence is very small; as the final result how, also need more colleagues to analyze more data to

In fact,

modification time once again updated results as above, why the snapshot will change in time, why the snapshot time did not appear we expected results of 2016-04-17; this we just think about it. The above is not the case, we can find, try to modify the

read the above two cases, you might think this is a coincidence; we look at a typical

if your website snapshot time is still stuck in a year or a few years ago, you can test this method, very useful. The Yichang website QQ 94775541 original text from 贵族宝贝chenhao贵族宝贝/ Shanghai youhua/1460.html Shanghai dragon dragon please indicate the source, thank you,


this shows what? Not so, if you have a website, you can find love in Shanghai show the contents of a snapshot update of the article, so that love is not the actual Shanghai snapshot extraction time 2012-04-18; if you’re still not sure too, so we modified time,

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