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The example site included three main factors and down up

three: the content of the site quality is low, collection content is

    first, we look at the author’s station, included in the last month is always up and down, as shown below:

    the author analyzes the main causes of the phenomenon of several factors.

two: site of dead links too much

    some optimization may be in doubt, when the site’s server and the chain is very stable, so why the site collected or down? One of the dead link factors in fact that many people seem to overlook is on the site. On the site of the dead link is like a blocked search engine spider line. If your site so many broken line, you will naturally included problems, and too many dead links to search engines for our site do not trust. This time when your site included not stable, check your server and out of the chain, you also need to check the number of dead links on their site, at the same time these dead links have to deal with. We can use the robot file handling dead links, 301 redirect or 404 error page.

    many station system has been integrated acquisition system, which is now collecting content has also become a very simple thing. As a webmaster, in the short term to fill their new content or make the search engine more rapid collection of our new sites become more quickly. But in the end we collected these contents and indexed by search engines, whether we can be happy that the site can be developed quickly. I want to say is that there is no such thing, so is the station. If you don’t deal with the content of your site, then you don’t have the development through the acquisition. The search engine after the beginning of our content included, but later when he.

: a server instability phenomenon

    stable operation of the server is the normal operation of the site of the most basic protection. It relates to the search engine spiders can smoothly enter our site index crawl. This server is related to the stability of the site collection. When the search engine spider came to our site at the door, if the server goes down or run slowly, like him away. No search engines crawl the site collected naturally plummeted. At the same time for the visitors, if your site often can’t open or to half a day to open, will make your site user friendly experience greatly reduced, your site will lose the trust of the search engine, so your site included will continue to reduce.

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