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Recently Shanghai love changing algorithm

love Shanghai update algorithm

we don’t do things such as copy and paste, but also endanger the things of all Internet users. So we need to do some of the original nature of the article, so as to provide the quality of many sites in Shanghai, love search engine when the trust value will increase, collected will slowly increase.




external links

?The quality of the content of

B. website



map can see my blog is love Shanghai algorithm, so I also feel very helpless. In this case we have to make some adjustments to the US; how to do


recently love Shanghai constantly update algorithm, has driven us Shanghai dragon Er crisis. We look at the frequency of figure

The original


everyone thinks that do a lot of the chain can improve the keywords ranking, the answer is early, but at a later stage requires high-quality content. When a new station to obtain the rankings when the chain is need to play a very big role, because some people vote outside. When the keywords entered the 20 in the chain and the effect of a few. If you are outside of the chain did not enter the 20 ranking or no need to rely on the support of the chain.

text by Wei Wei Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝weiwei Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/, please mark

pictured above we have seen love Shanghai constantly for their users to improve the algorithm, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er website was drop right or K stand, etc. keywords ranking dropped out of the question, there are now many Shanghai Longfeng workers face demobilized time; it is because of love in Shanghai continue to change the algorithm the cause of many sites, key words do not go up. I like this blog also recently received, included in the continuous decline, we look at the map included


Er is the most Shanghai dragon know website or modify the path and so on will appear, keywords ranking drop down right, such as the K station, coupled with the recent love Shanghai in the timing of the change algorithm, if we go to modify some parts of the result is unexpected. It is not necessary to modify and try not to need to change.

we have seen in the display of the webmaster tools included data is 14, when I open the query when the included page, really scared me, as shown in figure


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