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Talk about their own learning experiences to share Shanghai dragon website optimization

then, when you start to practice the theory, ask yourself, try not to rely on tools. Now there are many tools in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon on the market, whether it is good or bad, no matter how, after all, there will be people to use, some people will go to try, but if you want to go to study in Shanghai Phoenix, then the first thing is to learn is yourself, do not rely on tool post, in each big forum every day replies, etc. with signature links, each big portal blog updated daily, these are to be hands-on, although those posting machine will let you feel the speed of flying in general, but you can not guarantee the quality, after all, in the beginning when practicing Shanghai dragon, it must to ensure that I do have value, need to be able to make a contribution to their own website, do not rely on tools, is a good start, from the hands, and then slowly try Use the tools to reduce their time, it should be done, only personally tried, just know what matters is you can use the tool to help. Practice.

learning and understanding of Shanghai dragon has a long period of time, I remember this time last year, started to contact the Shanghai dragon, that time to do a keyword, do rankings, many enterprises have also put the station of the key words are all row up, from last year to now, there are many things that can be said. He also wrote many articles to express their opinions, so now it is about understanding from Shanghai dragon now learning style and method of Shanghai dragon should, after all, have experienced love and love Shanghai Shanghai assessment, probation and love Shanghai K station and right down.

finally, there is a very important point is that the continuous progress and exchange; Shanghai dragon is not.

first, in the face of Shanghai dragon, the practice is more important than theory, but the theory should not be abandoned; this is also the sentence, I think the most important thing, and many people now say, is very important in Shanghai Longfeng practice, but the theoretical knowledge is not solid, know where the significance of the practice, the theory is that Shanghai dragon the Shanghai dragon books, in the Shanghai dragon forum, there are a lot of the essence of the place, remember to learn Shanghai dragon is from these theoretical knowledge to start, and then slowly put these theories taught in practice, this is the theoretical significance, but we should learn and understand the place theory. There must be a number in the heart, know what I’m doing, I do know that these will produce what kind of effect, rather than those who know Shanghai dragon is The chain is, for most of the day in the chain, but to really understand the meaning of the chain how many people, in fact the theoretical knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng outside of the chain to see much of the people, look into how much practice after all is with Shanghai dragon theory to the theory, only the full in their practice, in order to further understand what we are doing, so the theory should not be abandoned, Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng please understand the basic knowledge and theory.

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