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An analysis of how to operate special micro blog marketing Station

: first choose a good web site configuration. Here comes the configuration includes many: the domain name of the website, website space, website keywords, website, website orientation, the establishment of the website navigation. These will affect the ranking of the factors are needed to choose a good website before officially launched operations, the site is like a machine, you need to have a good part to the normal operation of the. For the special station to select high speed host, independent IP, IDC can provide timely service, blogger micro-blog marketing Station with the ixwebhosting is the host, operation stage did not have a problem, actually is a special space station, the direction of the site must not deviate from the direction of key words. The seemingly simple configuration is very important.

is now the site users really many, the construction site is also very easy to buy a domain name, buy a space, you can build a simple website. The direction of the site can also be varied, with the development of the network, make the special station gradually increased. The development of social media, some time ago, also caused a lot of stations on the line, take micro-blog marketing such stations, the webmaster to how to operate the promotion of good? Kedeng blogger to everybody:

finally: using reasonable method. Now website promotion methods or a lot, but not to say that the promotion methods are all suitable for special station, micro-blog marketing stations, "

: then add the corresponding content to the web site. Special stations and other aspects of the site is not the same type, its content on the site is relatively high, special station content, you need to add keywords related to the content, do not need to add some key words and no related content, to know the user to stand to see related articles, other types of articles on the site is superfluous. Such as micro-blog marketing such stations, the content of the website to add to add the micro-blog marketing techniques, marketing case analysis of micro-blog, micro-blog marketing trends, such as the use of micro-blog tools. These keywords and related articles added to the user’s experience, but also can make the website like a real special station.

again: Web data analysis. Special station operations not difficult, but it is not simple, especially some keywords fire station, special competition is still there, so it is important to website website data analysis. The data analysis should include the following several aspects: site PV, independent IP, website source domain, from keywords to IP data, these are the need for statistical analysis, timely find the website is a good place to be improved. At the same time stations have an important details to the backup site data in a timely manner, so as to avoid host problems, lead to the loss of the site. The site is not only the need of statistical data was done, the analysis of the data is needed, the web site are the need to analyze the situation. In fact, it is said special needs, even if it is the webmaster essential quality.

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