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Actual combat from accidental injury to restore complaints finally love Shanghai sandbox twice


At the beginning of

to the back "

this is a real case, a website of my own optimization because of the "sensitive word" as the title, has experienced 6.28 plucking and 11.5 right down to two K station storm, recover through twice love Shanghai complaints.

was in this period of time, the first wave of big love Shanghai to this year’s K station, Lee is given in the webmaster forum a complaint link. To see this, I quickly try not to complain, must do. The first time I showed the complaints when a screenshot:

12 years when a big international friend agent: "dandy", this brand is not just pornography pronoun, in fact, also a variety of clothing and shoes Chinese sales. Friends after I will do Shanghai dragon will come, please give me a dandy clothes and shoes website sales. After check, I found this thing love Shanghai index shows the market is not low. Search brand word found love Shanghai home has no advertising and even competitors are uniform within the page. This is a pie in the sky, too good to do. After the excitement of the night, will start a website, after half a month on the line.

when a guest to send text messages, I suddenly realize "dandy" is a sensitive word, may therefore be love Shanghai contact drop right. Then went to consult several Shanghai dragon master, master give advice: website only mix a familiar face, in order to obtain the trust of Shanghai love. How to mix a familiar face, a friend suggested: exposure, in order to win the love of Shanghai trust, I began to send some chain and soft. Did not think well intentioned, in 6 months when the site was suddenly fell in love with the elevation of hair to a page. This be the death of me, to ask Shanghai Longfeng master, the big guys asked me to do a fresh start. Because there are all Website Title: dandy, I find some peer website found in contrast, fell in love with the sea basically no ranking, and they are basically abandoned the site. Concluded: I love Shanghai site has been determined as a porn site. But how to make love Shanghai station me removed from porn sites in me no way?.

the first complaint no echo


above is a site traffic map, below I talk about the whole process:

appears to be simple and very difficult to actual keyword

tepid about three months later, Shanghai also included love gradually achieve reach thousands, but the flow has been unable to break through 100. Because you never have the weight, there is no so-called right down, the site begins at the state of no weight. The optimization of other sites and I completely two, begin at the same time other website optimization is already out of a single.

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