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Discussion on new sites such as the use of A5 platform for a month the chain increased 2000



4, A5 link exchange: do Shanghai, many people will choose to exchange links, A5 provides a platform for us to link, which greatly facilitated our exchange links, I stand a month exchange 30, basically every one can find, can only find a reason is I will only choose the relevant to our website, or related websites exchange.

I think many people have A5 forum real name authentication, to tell the truth, I guess a lot of people are like me, do not want to apply for certification, a forum and a certification fee, in fact, when you really start to do optimization, You’ll see. A5 forum signature has many benefits.

2, A5 answers: I love inside look very, because there are many actual problems, but popularity is very busy, for example, there is a problem, to ask questions, not be long before someone can reply, timely understanding of the question, actually give you suggestions, can go to search before asking because there are a lot of, have to reply. I admit, now inside the management is not strict, advertising is very much. This advice to management forum, don’t let Q District into advertising area.

1, forum signature: in fact, many people say that more and more small effect forum signature, which I have accepted, but it is better than nothing, you said right, even if small, if your competitors do not, then you don’t have a little bit over his

every day in A5, basically all is the optimization of the master, but I study in Shanghai dragon is not a long time, the first thing every morning boot is A5 A5, because every day there will be a lot of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, in which you can learn a lot of waste well, say no more, besides there is suspicion of paima *. Here is my new sites such as the use of A5 platform for a month the chain increased 2000.

link, ha ha!


3, A5 A: actually we write to A5 submission, often found will be returned, although the original may, the quality is not high, is often my back. So how about returned articles, we can talk to A5 to release, and add a link. This is a

: first A5 forum for real name authentication

I think a lot of people are doing, A5 advantage is that the article was reproduced the amount is very large, can bring a lot of chain for us, no matter how search algorithm changes, anti chain role seems to have not changed. I inquired, I in an article about A5 was reproduced 100 times, did not remove the copyright of about 80 or so, some of your article word for word directly posted on his web site, just put your copyright into him, I believe that we have encountered, we together despise these >

: second submission

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