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2014 Shanghai dragon Er how to play the opening battle search engine optimization

second, effective 2014 and analysis the user how to grasp the user behavior. We know that after the 2013 Shanghai love algorithm upgrade, website user experience is king of the concept has been taken, the specific experience for our users in the new year should start, the author thinks that the study of user behavior analysis is the key, such as small and medium-sized enterprise website, users can concern is the new year of the company which the new the product line, what is the innovative things developed and so on, this time when we update the article to consider the user’s new demand, and not just before or just send some news, talk of the old topic, your company in the new year the new look, showing what new things to us. Users? This is the details about our efforts to mining, the writing of this year may be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er also did not enter this state. When you can write something similar to the new year, new year, new year, from what aspects of customer service and similar such news, one can gradually make themselves into the working state, and to meet the customers in the new year for our company’s new plan, new targets have been understood to help customers realize, our company has been in the real things, not so good

attention to the well-known, website optimization is one of Shanghai dragon er must pay attention to the problem, at the beginning of 2014, the new year, as the Shanghai dragon Er essence of our work is how to better do their job search engine optimization algorithm, after the 2013 fall in love with sea upgrade, the Shanghai Dragon Er we should change what optimization the idea at the beginning of the year, at the beginning of this year to plan their website optimization work, the author thinks that it is each of our optimization personnel must understand the problem, well the author from the following aspects and do a detailed analysis of what.

third, Shanghai dragon in the optimization process is continuous reflection process of continuous summary. Most of the time the plan can not keep up with changes.

first, for the new year with to develop their own plans for the new year. Everything is hard in the beginning, the plan is all of the project, the author is mainly responsible for the website optimization of small and medium-sized enterprises, to small and medium-sized enterprises as examples, how we develop with the new year optimization plan? I think we can start from the following aspects, such as every quarter, every month to reach the number of sites included? Analysis month for the construction of units per month the chain, such as the chain multi platform distribution to achieve what purpose? How to grasp the quality of the chain? High quality soft outside the chain to find those high weight platform released? Weekly release of a few soft? I think these basic data are detailed in our years ago optimization of the task book, if the number of your marketing department staff more, detailed division of responsibility to the people, such as soft writing and the chain release the hand By the person in charge, the content included information made by the site editor is complete and detailed the monthly and quarterly, until the daily workload.


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