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To investigate the effect of the new chain of love Shanghai after a year of adjustment and the const

website after a year overseas chain

love is more inclined to the authenticity of the

a year later the chain site there are many? Believe this is many webmaster confused, from the love of Shanghai began to straighten out the chain. Until now, love Shanghai or have stressed the authenticity and stability of the chain, from which we can see the importance of Shanghai’s love chain.

love Shanghai big adjustment from the beginning of 2012 June, imperceptibly over a year’s time, this year in Shanghai search engine on the Internet website of this piece has made many adjustments and layout, issued a notice, the chain Scindapsus algorithm, pomegranate algorithm, it can be said that this year is also love Shanghai search engine is the greatest change in a year.

no matter how to adjust the chain, the status of the chain will not change, but the change is the love of Shanghai foreign chain judgment. According to the chain document love Shanghai open we can find true love: Shanghai foreign chain is on. From which we can make our website to love Shanghai outside the chain of authenticity as the basis, and strive to improve the quality of the chain website. So how can we improve the authenticity of the chain website

love Shanghai chain plays an important role in the

two is a related website to stay outside the chain, so that Shanghai will love the chain that the US is valuable, the authenticity of the chain, imperceptibly improve the quality of the chain site, don’t forget the important role of the anchor text when the related website construction of the chain, the anchor text can make the user directly into our website through the content, this not only for the web site to the weight transfer, are more likely to improve the site’s PV value and flow value, as the site of the next development has laid a solid foundation.


love Shanghai chain construction is the key to a website, a very simple example: if your site outside the chain of 1000, regardless of the 1000 chain is come from, but we can foresee is to bring traffic to your site to the 1000 outside the chain every day; and another chain is 0, that is to say this website basically rely on ranking traffic flow. Compared with the 0 chain website will suffer, because the love of Shanghai will think you are not outside the chain of the website as a chain website, while ranking changes of the chain website ranking will certainly, and this is an important role for the chain website. Love is not Shanghai does not recognize the role of the chain, but in a way for the webmaster friends site outside the chain of behavior change.

is a simulation of user behavior, analysis of statistical data, to see what the user is on the chain into our website, understand the authenticity and difference of the chain, then the chain of new construction according to the nature and characteristics of these sites, in the process of constructing a proposal is the best an industry to find the 5-10 site every day to build some, so the chain will Everfount us, and the chain of authenticity.

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