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Tips you need to know a few outside the chain

. The chain for se. Is a very important part of. But many owners mistakenly believe that. The chain is much simpler it every day. You can go to the Forum blog. In fact. The construction of the chain is actually a skill. Ad locum。 I am the novice webmaster provide a few tips. Can help you quickly build.

As everyone knows

6. pictures for the release of the chain of traditional "

love to search some popular movies. You will find that in fact is very useful. Why? Because. Most of you search out all false resources. And most of these are big video station. That is their advance in the video released on video. False resources such as beans. Title to do with the real thing. Before this film hasn’t come out yet. Of course, this is not the resources. But you are in the weight of these high video station released these false resources. Love is not the recognition of Shanghai itself. So when the film really came out. You have to love "video" to the first page of Shanghai. So we can use this to do one or two high quality chain.

The advantage of this method is

with a chain in different posts inside functions are not the same. Some posts included fast. Some included slow. So. Want to pick out some valuable. What is the value of the. Not that you choose a large quantity of reply. But to choose some just released. What did not reply. But do you think this post is very attractive. There must be a lot of people reply this post.

. Whether this forum allowed for signature. Every time you send a post are equal to a chain. As will be regarded as cheating. Is there a need for a follow-up verification.

4. forum account registered as the domain name of the website

in the video station.When you go to Shanghai

3. to establish their own love Shanghai Encyclopedia.

is very simple and effective. Just need to write an article with your keywords relevant articles on your website. Attention must be long tail keywords. Don’t need to do se. optimization. In the title, repeated words once. Then forwarded by blog group. Then do the depth of se. optimization. Don’t put the anchor text in the final article. Directly on the bare chain. What is the effect? Love Shanghai wrong think this long tail you gain a very high evaluation. Third because the platform itself has very high weights. This truth with you write soft Wen by forwarding is the same. But this method is more suitable for the novice webmaster.

2. use blog group make forwarding

value chain

love Shanghai for your products of course give high weight. But now know and love Shanghai Post Bar harmonious connection. There is no effect. You can also use Wikipedia to do outside the chain of high quality. His stand to make an encyclopedia. At least now this method hasn’t expired oh.


5. choose valuable post replies

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