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Webmaster in the chain are three kinds of methods for the link

some forum to do when the chain can only use text links, some can use hyperlinks, strictly a little and can not put all links, like A5 more humane, can take signature links. So we do when the chain is not have the link can do and can’t do link place. Then there are several people through the way of the chain? Today I share with you the three method to write in the chain when used, can solve almost all of the forum, of course we have in the use of the method, but none.

I think most of the webmaster should understand the meaning of good. If you don’t understand the words, then the author will introduce here, a hyperlink is equivalent to that button, just gently point with the link anchor text, then it will open the corresponding website, this is the simple introduction of hyperlink. A hyperlink is a benefit by him to lead the spider. When your site slowly update too slow, so much to do with the chain links, believe the spider will soon be crawling to your site, so as to grasp the website content, and then update the snapshot, take it Post Bar love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar permanent residence of the spider, because of its huge traffic there are a large number of bar bar. But also in the post with a hyperlink. Just because of the weight of high Post Bar love Shanghai, so many webmaster on advertising, it will cause a lot of once found the hyperlink will be deleted, unless they are not ye Wang it popularity. So, if we want to make the snapshot update and increase the quality of the chain, so Post Bar is the preferred destination.

third: the link with the site name

because some time ago a friend to share an experience, said the chain link with the name of the site to belong to the higher the chain, so a lot of people to follow the trend of the study and use this way to increase the chain, such as 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝 certain website examples. This method can be.


is the first pure text links

is the only pure text links a website, that is pure text links can not take hyperlinks. If you can understand what is the text, then the link of meaning is well understood, in general, love Shanghai DOMAIN the chain are mostly pure text links, which is related to the domain of meaning. This is the author’s understanding, if you don’t agree. Pure text links point is that most of the forum to support this link, such as you in character signature only put pure text links rather than hyperlinks, then the contents of this release will be more, because most of the forum are in control of the output of the hyperlinks, too many hyperlinks to the forum bring the weight of dispersion, PR export is too high, the forum in danger right down, but just plain text links links, and not so much derived weights are set up in this forum.


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