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The new enterprise station how fast and effective Shanghai Longfeng optimization

Before the

site is not finished, you can go to the production site? Don’t worry, in order to further more organized work can first identify the core keywords, the core keywords dig more long tail keywords, to identify the core keywords and how to exploit the long tail keywords here, but more narrative, there are a lot of related articles in the A5 forum. Keywords mining classification, each enterprise website will by product classification navigation, will be distributed to various keywords mining navigation products.


many companies think network marketing enterprises to immediately make a website, website production after considering the optimization, some of their own operation, some optimize companies for their operation, in fact, this is not good, especially for a new framework of website. I think, when you consider to do a marketing type website, completely unnecessary to make a website, but calm down to a site location, for example I have a T-shirt type website, my position is to give customers customized T-shirts, advertising shirts etc.. The customer is mainly for each enterprise, exhibition, school etc..

is the first enterprise website, then do content, okay? Well, why? The site is basically finished, do not think it is, a series of plans, implementation of natural effect is not good. So, I suggest, in the production site before the site’s content, layout, wait until after the completion of production site, we only need to follow the prescribed order will be uploaded to save time and the effect is better.

website for 3 months, the content and the chain construction plan

to prepare the

well, a new corporate website how to quickly and effectively enhance the core keywords ranking? What needs to be done to prepare the site before

some people may think now only do Shanghai Longfeng, to optimize the keywords ranking does not bring much benefit to the enterprise, you may feel really big companies do not need to rely on Shanghai dragon to bring a little bit of small customers, but for yourself, you have to admit, now the face of the rapid development of the network era, enterprises if not through the web site for the development of their own more potential customers, clearly outdated, especially small and medium enterprises, the increasingly fierce competition, even through the website for themselves to bring a little bit of customer is recommended. So there is no or are considering the use of network marketing to bring new customers for the enterprises themselves, now to do a website, late? Not too late, I think as long as do the same, can bring the profit for the enterprise.

positioning, content all ready. Do not rush to put up the construction site. First, the love of Shanghai’s assessment of food ready, so as not to end after the construction site, every day.

mining, the classification of


content based on keywordsMost of the

do not rush to the construction site, the first site to locate

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