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How to write a page description of Description with the Shanghai dragon optimization

description tags:

The correct wording of


often displayed in the search results page, direct tell users search information on the web. Good description tag is "of" advertising words ", directly to attract users to click on your links. For example: you love Shanghai in search of Shanghai dragon, the search results page displays the description tag, you can choose according to need for you.

description tags to the search engine provides a good reference, narrowing the search engine for the web keywords judgment scope.

(may lead to be considered Spam spam sites):

description Description often can make keywords appear 1-3 times, the description tag provides a good reference to the search engine, reducing search engine for web page key words determine the range of

often can let keywords appear 1-3 times tags, so as to increase keyword density.

< META NAME=" Description" CONTENT=" "one hundred thousand why" buy online, read "one hundred thousand why" " />

for the home page and page list >

To avoid

< META NAME=" Description" CONTENT=" "one hundred thousand why" price: $17.99, 20 percent off promotion, one hundred thousand "why" Author: Mr. noble baby category: Children’s books, pages: 784" />

(best to provide information of interest to the user, while highlighting keywords):

description tags

Description should pay attention to the description tag:


< META NAME=" Description" CONTENT=" "one hundred thousand why" " />

is not well written – just write simple keyword tag

is well written – simple a few words related to

", different description;

< META NAME=" Description" CONTENT=" "one hundred thousand why" buy and read online, download the "one hundred thousand why" one hundred thousand "why", "one hundred thousand why" download, "one hundred thousand why" how much money? " />

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