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On June 23rd Shanghai love to talk about the H1 tag location update



originally, a keyword ranking has been the first home, but this morning after the inquiry, the top 200 are not found, why? I asked myself, I cheated? No! I updated the original?! regular? Is that why love Shanghai! Punish me

wizard original, reproduced please specify: 贵族宝贝

at first, I thought it was a chain problem, immediately query, found that all of the friends of the chain are normal, the ranking is also good, the snapshot is the next day, my station is not normal. To other reasons, recently changed the title, why

found a clue! The will be punished!



saw no description is ", a movie recommendation network", well, I see it covered, how could this be? There should be a word in front of it, where to go! Go to the website to see the source code,

check the code, also found no problem, until I’m in love with Shanghai directly inside the search site, found the problem! In Shanghai found the results, the original description turned into a picture:

can be seen through this update, H1 tag is not just to put the best, in the upper part of the website, and close to < body, > this will play a good role, otherwise love Shanghai won’t give you a show.

see, the original "the" in front of the content is in a H1 tag, the results did not show love Shanghai because many people say H1! Where does not matter, so I put it in the bottom.

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